Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Rearview Mirror: FPL GW15 Wrap-up

RIP Nelson Mandela - a standing ovation from every human on this planet is duly deserved - THANK YOU FOR THE DIFFERENCE YOU'VE MADE IN THIS WORLD
FPL Gameweek 15: What a Wacky, Wacky Week

Well, I'm not a betting man, but if I were, I feel certain I would have considered each of the following the equivalent of taking perfectly good money and dropping it out of my window as I drove down a crowded street.  But lo and behold, this stuff actually happened...

1)  Manchester United went scoreless in their second home fixture in a row and dropped back to back home fixtures at Old Trafford for the first time in 11 years
2)  Chelsea lost to Stoke and conceded 3 goals twice in a row for the first time since 1999
3)  3 own goals were "scored" in ONE fixture, and it was really close to being 4

I wish I knew what the odds were for ANY of these scenarios, and shudder to think what they must have been for all of these things to happen at once.  The winnings would be enough to turn a few brave, crazy souls into instant millionaires I imagine.

As a consolation prize for those who didn't hit the jackpot on this almost unheard of trifecta, please sit back, relax and enjoy a short stroll back through the gameweek that was.  You know the format by now: 3 juicy headlines from each fixture followed by a list of the top 3 guys from each match who hogged all of the FPL points and gave their managers a bundle of green arrows as an early Christmas present.

Manchester United 0 - 1 Newcastle United
Cabaye calmly slots home a beaut beneath Vidic's heel and beyond DeGea's grasp
United held scoreless at home for second week running while suffering defeat at hands of squads who hadn't won at Old Trafford for 21 and 41 years respectively
TV cameras dramatically show United "faithful" filing out early - NEVER thought I'd see that
Big NUFC FPL points went to Krul (10), Cabaye (10), Santon (7) Williamson (7)
Crystal Palace 2 - 0 Cardiff City 
Jerome strikes early to send the Selhurst Park crowd into mass hysteria
Chamakh follows with second goal in two games to double lead
Tony Pulis enjoys second consecutive victory and Palace are rolling (congrats @FPLHelp)
Maximum Selhurst Park pointage to Chamakh (9), Jerome (8), Ward (7)
Liverpool 4 - 1 West Ham 
3 of 5 goals scored by mistake!
Some guy named Suarez scored a goal for a change (usually it's 2, 3 or 4)
Captain Gerrard suffers hamstring injury - heads up to all FPL'ers
He'll huff and he'll puff and he'll blow your house down: Suarez (15),Sakho (10), Johnson (6)
Southampton 1 - 1 Manchester City
Aguero throws his FPL owners in a frenzy with early strike
Osvaldo makes Kompany and Company look like amateurs with magical strike
Hart continues to ride the pine and City face continued criticism over away form
Special FPL points went to Osvaldo (9), Davis (7), Kolarov, Aguero (6)
Stoke City 3 - 2 Chelsea 
Schurrle dazzles, Chelsea defence doesn't
Assaidi scores a goal all kids dream about then inexplicably throws his shirt on the ground
Mourinho's CFC defence faces more questions than answers: what the heck is going on?
Big bad points distributed to Schurrle (15), Ireland (9), Crouch (7)
West Brom 0 - 2 Norwich
Norwich break the away-form curse and score 2 while adding a clean sheet!
Hooper is Super
Former #JITB Fer scores big - two weeks too late ;)
Smart FPL managers featured Fer (14), Ruddy (10), Hooper (7)
Sunderland 1 - 2 Tottenham 
Adam Johnson puts right foot to good use then points over and over at his chest
Paulinho equalizes with classic toe-poke
Another own goal gifts victory to AVB and his traveling band of Hotspurs
FPL table-climbers started Paulinho (10), Johnson (8), Dembele (7)

Fulham 2 - 0 Aston Villa
Sidwell represents all 100%ers with stunning reward for perseverance
Berbatov creates opportunity for PK then converts
Big props and bragging rights to everyone's favorite Fulham fan @samsonmcmuffin
The FPL cool kids were Sidwell (11), Riether (8), Senderos, Dejagah, Berbatov (7)

Arsenal 1 - 1 Everton
Who's that cleanly shaved guy in goal - oh, it's Tim Howard!
Ozil earns his #fpl worth with ho-hum goal set up by Walcott header and Giroud whiff
Roberto Martinez and his Toffees continue to impress
Super-size FPL points awarded to Ozil (10), Deulofeu (6), Lukaku (5)

Swansea 1 - 1 Hull City
Danny Graham scores at Liberty Stadium - for Hull!
Jose Manuel "Chico" Flores (aka "Hairbun") scores first EPL career goal to knot things at 1
No more highlights this gameweek as fixture ends in stalemate
The GW15 FPL door closes with good efforts from Graham (9), Chico (9) Elmohomady (6)
Well, I hope the end of GW15 finds you better off than you were when it started.  It didn't match the thrills of the mid-week gameweek 14, but it had a lot going for it; certainly enough to have us all looking forward to gamweek 16 where more green arrows will be up for grabs.  Good luck everyone!