Tuesday, 20 August 2019

WGTA Pod 78 - Is 2 weeks' data enough?

Gameweek 2 in 2019/20!

After the quiet optimism of the opening weekend comes wildcards and hits galore, meaning we assess the merits of going nuclear right away along with presenting some data (thanks to our friend Wee Rogue) which may suggest big names are OK but reservations about ripping apart our teams.

Our features also return, which are the Market Forces, the Over 30s team, the Nick/Tom pick and the zombies, as well as #dadwatch as Nick's dad continues to school us all.

We finish off with our listener questions.

Hope you enjoy, back in Gameweek 3!

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Friday, 16 August 2019

FPLHINTS - Gameweek 2 Team

I reserve the right to edit this team right up until the final seconds of the FPL Gameweek Deadline.  Any updates  will be announced on Twitter via @FPLHINTS

Transfers: 0

Changes: Murray benched / Lundstram on

Cash ITB: £0.0

FPL Points from Gameweek 1: 90

The biggest takeaway from Gameweek 1 was the validation of premium priced players as being worth their weight in FPL gold.  Of course, they aren't all going to get fantasy returns concurrently every week.  But having the correct type of coverage from the players that are capable of yielding big returns is essential.  I wish I had Harry Kane and Aubameyang but without them I have a stronger midfield with player that can play out of position.

Having watched Murray last weekend, I will be surprised if he starts in Gameweek 2.  No one else appeals to me in the £6.0M striker category so he will have to make do on the bench for now.  Maupay looks interesting and could become a bandwagon player if he starts and scores during this weekend.

Apart from Murray, I'm also looking to downsize on my Liverpool double up in defence.  A straight swap of Gomez to Coleman or Wan-Bissaka makes perfect sense.  If I do that, it means I have the option of rejigging my midfield in the foreseeable future and getting Mane in, alongside Salah.  To do this, I would need to offload Moura and Perez.

It's probably unorthodox having a 4-5-1 formation at this time of the season.  But I wanted to give Lundstram a chance after his superlatives in Gameweek 1, despite conceding a goal.  Sheffield United were fairly solid in defence last season and I'm hoping they can replicate some of that form at home against Crystal Palace.  If all else fails I will have 2 free transfers for next week.

Good luck to you all!


Gameweek 2 - Differentials

Gameweek 2 Captain - Salah v Sterling

FPL: Five alternative options for GW2

Fantasy Football came back into our lives last week. The return of the Premier League also brought the game we all love to hate back into the mix and it didn't disappoint. Players benched, much fancied goalkeepers being injured and captains scoring - and that was just Friday night. How does GW2 follow that? Dave Black takes a look ahead to the weekend...

Nearly all of the fancied players have hit the ground running - Salah, Kane, Sterling, Aubameyang, Aguero and Van Dijk all got off to scoring starts, albeit some better than others. Even Sadio Mane, who only made a brief cameo in GW1, proved his fitness in the Super Cup so his inclusion is now a safe bet.

There are actually more questions than answers after the first round of matches. Chelsea's midfield muddle, will it be Martial or Rashford up front for Man Utd and has Gabriel Jesus done enough to keep a Sergio Aguero shaped wolf from the door?

The way I see it, you can take your pick of the premium players and there's an element of luck of the draw as to who fires and who doesn't if all are fit and well. The difference will be made in the rest of your team, which is why this week I'm offering up five alternative picks ahead of GW2.

1) Callum Robinson (Sheff Utd, Midfielder, £5.5m)

Sheffield United were the only one of the promoted clubs to pick up a point in week one and a home game with Crystal Palace might represent an opportunity for more. As you would expect from a promoted side, their players are priced very reasonably and I'm putting forward midfielder Callum Robinson as a pick this week.

You can read the rest of this article here

Monday, 12 August 2019

Who Got The Assist? Pod 77: Gameweek 1 Reflections

We're back for the first proper Gameweek of 2019/20!

Lots to talk about as the season kicks off, as we have a think about our reactions to the first Gameweek, advocate patience and talk about a few bits and pieces.

Yes, we're back to a classic stats pod sans stats, but we have plenty to discuss after the opening weekend.

Our features also return, which are the Market Forces, the Over 30s team, the Nick/Tom pick and the zombies, as well as our listener questions.

Hope you enjoy, back in Gameweek 2!

League Code: eikx03


Friday, 9 August 2019

FPLHINTS - Gameweek 1 Team (2019/20 Season)

I reserve the right to edit this team right up until the final seconds of the Gameweek 1 FPL Deadline.  Any updates  will be announced on Twitter via @FPLHINTS

It only feels like yesterday when Manchester City and Liverpool finished last season in almost a dead heat of a race.  But there are no prizes for second as the Citizens did enough to nudge over the line and retain the Premier League title.  Liverpool were bereft and had to console their fan base by winning the Champions League. Both teams met again for the curtain raiser last weekend, which didn’t do much to rid the Community Shield of its tag of being a glorified friendly in the eyes of many.  But all of that is in the past now.  Wish the summer and your weekend afternoons goodbye, as it’s that time of the year again… FPL is back!

Avid readers of the blog will know that I used to post my team on here on a regular basis.  I stopped doing that a few years ago and I stopped tweeting about my team altogether before every Gameweek last season.  But seeing as I have been sharing my Gameweek 1 FPL teams for almost all of the past decade, I thought it best to share this one too.

Here's my reasoning behind each pick:

Rotating goalies hasn't really worked for me in the past.  But I didn't fancy just having Ryan despite his generous fixture run.  Brighton didn't keep many clean sheets last season and with an attack-minded manager at the helm they may keep less this time around.  Pope and Ryan dovetail reasonably well for a prolonged period of time so I'm happy to acquire their services.  It's no coincidence that Pope's absence last season saw Burnley's backline struggle.  With him back and with some defensive reinforcements I would hope they can do well.

Van Dijk
He is the linchpin to Liverpool's defence and it's not surprising that he's the highest owned FPL defender on the eve of Gameweek 1.  Robertson and Alexander-Arnold are probably better for attacking potential.  But then again they are more prone to picking up yellows when tracking back and more prone to rotation once the Champions League games start again.  I think Van Dijk is value for money at £6.5M.  I expect him to be a mainstay in my team.

Stones and Gomez
I needed entry into Man City's defence.  Ederson was probably the safer pick but with Stones I have saved £0.5M less.  I expect him to start more games than he did last year.  Kompany's absence will be missed but it's time for players like him to step up to the plate.  Having him means that I need other defenders who can also start.  On that note, I've also chosen Gomez.  He missed a lot of last season due to injury.  He's not a guaranteed starter with Matip lurking about.  But I wanted double entry into Liverpool's defence without compromising funds up top.  I'm willing to take a few risks at the moment.  I hope both will start in Gameweek 1.
Zouma and Lundstram
Clearly it's unfair for me to class both of these defenders together but they sit on my bench for the start of Gameweek 1.  Zouma was a prized on-loan asset for Everton last season and it's no wonder Chelsea were happy to keep him for the 19/20 season.  With Luiz departing for Arsenal I expect Zouma to be a regular for Chelsea, but for Gameweek 1 he can it on the bench due to their match at Old Trafford.  As for Lundstram, he hardly played for Sheffield United last season and yet as a £4.0M defender was starting pre-season friendlies in midfield.  I couldn't ignore him after those exploits.  He takes up the 'Reece Oxford' slot in my team.  It would epic if he starts regularly in midfield.
The Attacking Out-of-Position Midfielders
I could have chosen a plethora of midfielders.  Honourable mentions must go to de Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, Richarlison and Sigurdsson.  But I came to the decision that I wanted players with out of position value.  Sterling and Salah were absolute must-haves so the midfield was built around them.  I didn't fancy fielding Guendozi and Dendoncker alongside them just to fit in Kane or Aubameyang up top.  It then dawned upon me that I could fit in three other de facto forwards in the other positions. 

Perez was a sensation last season and is a snip at £6.5M .  He should make a good impression against a Wolves team that will be fatigued from there Europa League travels.  As for Moura, he was Spurs' unsung hero last season and it was unfair of him not to start the Champions League final.  He will be looking to make the most of his chance against newly promoted Villa with Son out of the team.  As for Martial at £7.5M, his attacking returns per minute were very respectable last season despite often being a sub or being subbed off.  With Lukaku out of the team he should play a more prominent role up top.  I simply couldn't ignore him and his differential status
The Budget Forwards
I've gone against my former belief that having three premium forwards was a must in FPL.  The game has changed and so have the prices.  Clearly value now lies in midfield.  It still means I need forwards that can make an impact albeit at a lesser cost.  Murray at £6.0M seemed fairly cheap despite his influence in the Brighton team last season.  His place may be at risk with new reinforcements.  But the fact that he played as the main striker in pre-season is a positive sign.  He will be hoping to retain his place up top despite his mature age and he is worth taking a risk on with his generous fixture run. 

As for Wilson, I think he is under-priced after his superlatives last season.  The England international registered 26 attacking returns during the last campaign with the Cherries who scored the 7th most amount of goals.  Sure he will have to share the spoils with King and Fraser, but his opening fixtures are also worth investing in.  Finally this brings me to Greenwood.  He's hardly played much minutes in the Premier League.  I needed a £4.5M forward to complete my puzzle and he fitted perfectly.  I think he is a good sub 1/2 option.  He may not start many matches this season but at his price he could be interesting.  United have a Europa League campaign to contend with and he may make more starts there.  But as with Kane a few years ago with Spurs, once he impresses in the non-Premier League games, it won't be long before he can become the focal point of their attack.  Bench fodder for now, but I'm fine with that.

All the best with whoever you pick in Gameweek 1.

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Introducing the FPL Managers' Club

FPL: Playing it safe in GW1

The Premier League is back! Friday sees the return of England's top flight but that also means the return of Fantasy Football. Just over 24 hours after the transfer window slammed shut, the FPL deadline is looming. Dave Black tries to offer a helping hand ahead of the big kick off.

The Friday night deadline coupled with a Thursday evening transfer window means there is little time to dwell on what consequences any late deals may have. Therefore my strategy is to play it safe with solid if unsurprising picks. There's plenty of time for experimenting in the coming weeks once we get a better idea of what a favoured 11 for every club looks like.

It goes without saying to look beyond week one if you're playing for the long haul. If you have a squad of players all at home this week just remember they will be away next week. It's always tempting to treat week one as a free hit but it's perhaps not the most effective plan for the season.
With that, here are five selections to consider for your starting team.

1) Harry Kane (Tottenham, Forward, £11m)

There was an annoying statistic that Harry Kane just doesn't score in August. Thankfully he put that particular coincidence to bed last season so he's one of the first names of my team sheet as Spurs welcome Aston Villa this weekend.

To read the rest of this article, click here

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Gameweek 1 - Competition Giveaway

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Is Martin Kelly the £4.0M hero that we are looking for?

If there’s one thing that completes pre-season FPL planning it’s the successful scouting of a £4.0M defender that is likely to start in the Premier League and therefore be a usable option for at least the initial Gameweeks. A quick Twitter search shows you some of the previous candidates that I have championed, from the likes of Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Ryan Bennett, to name but two. Some FPL managers would baulk at the idea of even having one £4.0M defender due to the risk of them not actually starting. Remember, they are at that price for a reason! But if like me you want to maximise funds up top, you will be prepared to have a £4.0M defender in your squad....

Monday, 5 August 2019

🚨 Fantasy Football Hub's £5,000 FPL Mini-League 🚨


 To be eligible you must do the following:

1. Be a paying member* of Fantasy Football Hub:
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3. Follow @FFootballHub on Twitter.

After following the above steps you can then access the mini-league code from this article from Fantasy Football Hub website.

*Only one team entry per member

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Free to enter mini-leagues offering prizes (19/20)

*FPLHINTS is sharing publicly available information and is not responsible in any way with the prizes offered by the outlets mentioned below. Also, please click on the prize offer sources to see if any terms and conditions apply.

FPL Editor's Free Cash League
League Code: e0wn0t

Socio's Prize League
Prize offer source
League Code: TW1268

FPL Secret's Mini-League
League Code: nnqu67

Eagles' Tracker League

League Code: 7kvjba

Fantasy Football Pundits League
League Code: hsv138

Quickly Kevin Mini-League
Prize offer source

League Code: redxbh

Fantasy Eagles Mini-League

League Code: deimsw

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Get fantasy football ready with FotMob

The new season is almost upon us.  For seasoned fantasy football managers around the world this will mean an endless amount of spreadsheet planning and efforts to make the most of their weekends with loved ones before they are engrossed in the game that they are addicted to.

FotMob is a matchday companion app. It doesn't matter where you are, you'll never miss a moment!  Live scores, in-depth match stats, and breaking news will keep you updated.

At the end of last season, a new feature update from FotMob was introduced.  It brings live FPL points into the app. You can now follow along with every match and see real-time FPL points by player in the same place! Simply install the app, open a match of your choice and then click on FANTASY on the top left.

With all the FPL points for a match on one screen, you no longer have to hunt for each match's top performers.  With an aesthetically pleasing view, you can keep an eye on your transfer targets, spot the under-the-radar defender and keep tabs on the players that have an easy run of fixtures ahead.

Also, customizable alerts can notify you whenever a Premier League goal is scored, or when one of your front three score, assist, or start on the bench. Simply go to a league or player profile and tap the bell icon to enable alerts.

If like me you also happen to play other fantasy football formats, such as Eliteserien, you can also keep track of Norwegian football scores, as well as fantasy football points from their top-flight.

What more could you ask for? Download the app and get started today!

FPL Budget Defenders and Rotation Strategies

It goes without saying that you would almost never bench a fully fit high owned premium defender.  However, for those with a price tag of £4.5M or less playing for teams in the bottom half of the table, there is more freedom to rotate them accordingly.  With that said their cheap price tag also means that they may not start every week or simply aren’t good enough to generate fantasy returns on a regular enough basis...

FPL Budget Defenders and Rotation Strategies

Finn Harps Fantasy Football League (2019/20)

Thursday, 11 July 2019

#FOOT34LLER Challenge

Disclaimer: The following proposed venture is nothing but a vanity project on my part.  If you're only interested in reading pre-season FPL content it's best to temporarily close your browser window... now.

The 1990s was an awesome time for football, from hallucinogenic goalkeeper tops to strikers scoring worldies at a canter on a weekly basis.  It also happened to be the decade when I first got into football from collecting Merlin stickers, flicking through Ceefax on Saturday afternoons and watching MOTD.

At a young age I wanted to be a footballer (or a football manager as a result of my Championship Manager addiction).  In someways I think I've achieved the latter through being an FPL Manager and winning the 2018 CM97/98 World Cup.  But I've never come close to being a footballer after leaving school.  I simply wasn't good enough.  I'm still not good enough.  But all of this hasn't stopped my hope of still somehow becoming a footballer.

At an age when professional and semi-professional footballers are finishing off their careers, I'm attempting to work backwards and try to 'make it'.  Is it too late? It probably is.  Clearly the best I can now hope for is a very brief and short-term stint if it was to ever hypothetically transpire. And in order to do this, I have a specific set of minimum parameters that I'm hoping to meet as part of my challenge:

During the 2019/2020 season, If I can somehow manage to play even one second of regulation time league football in any of the Top 20 tiers of the English football pyramid I would consider the challenge to be completed ✔. By this qualification, I would then be able to refer to myself as 'former semi-pro footballer', which is the status that I'm looking to achieve.

I have to be somewhat realistic in this venture and therefore focus on the teams from the lowest possible eligible leagues, as follows:

Bristol and District League Division Five – 12 clubs
Central and South Norfolk League Division Three – 11 clubs
Devon and Exeter Football League Division Seven – 12 clubs
Duchy League Division Five – 12 clubs
East Riding County League Division Six – 11 clubs
Guildford and Woking Alliance League Division Five – 12 clubs
Lancashire Amateur League Division Six – 12 clubs
North West Norfolk League Division Three – 9 clubs
Stroud and District League Division Six – 14 clubs
(NOTE: No league has its top division at level 19)
Bristol and Avon League – 11 clubs
Central and South Norfolk League Division Four – 12 clubs
Devon and Exeter Football League Division Eight – 12 clubs
Stroud and District League Division Seven – 14 clubs

At a push, I would even consider semi-pro clubs in Scotland and Wales as a potential alternative route to completing this challenge.

I'm prepared to try out for clubs beforehand to prove my worth. I can't just expect them to simply let me achieve my challenge without showing my
capabilities in advance.

Making the match day squad as a non-playing sub, any type of cup games, featuring in a reserve game or friendly wouldn't be sufficient in completing the challenge.  It has to be at least one proper league match, even if it is just for one second of normal time.

In order to get the ball rolling, I guess I would have to make effort in contacting some of the clubs associated to the leagues highlighted above to see what needs to be done from my side to even meet their criteria of trying out for them let alone feature for them.

If your're able to assist with club suggestions or could even refer me to any low-level semi-pro clubs, feel free to reach out to me on
Twitter or via email.

With the above said, can I make it as a
#FOOT34LLER?  There's only one way to find out...

white sports lined

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

FPL Invite Codes 2019/2020 Season (Fantasy Premier League)

Twitter: @FPLHINTS
League Code: ennq58

The General

Twitter: @FPLGeneral
League Code: chistv

Twitter: @FPL_Fly
League Code: gl0577

Fantasy Football Pundits

Twitter: @FFPundits
League Code: hsv138

Who Got The Assist?
Twitter: @WGTA_FPL
League Code: eikx03

Twitter: @90MAAT_
League Code: flqrx1

Always Cheating
Twitter: @HailCheaters
League Code: dtz277

FPL Tips
Twitter: @_FPLTips
League Code: defh46

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Fixture Difficulty Ratings & Defensive Pairings/Rotation Sequences (GWs 1-4)

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Who Got The Assist? Pod 70 - End of 2018-19 Special

We're back for the final gameweek pod of the season as we look back over the campaign through the lens of several meaty and not-so-meaty awards for the year.

This means things like player of the year interspersed with bandwagon of the season!

We also round off our key features with some market forces analysis, the end of our zombie and mini leagues, plus give a short gaze into the summer's content.


*LONDONERS: if you can, save the date Sat 13th July for an FPL preseason meetup - Marylebone Sports Bar & Grill, 3pm onwards*

Main league: 516-441

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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Who Got The Assist? Pod 69 - next season speculation

We're back for the final "pre Gameweek" pod of the season to, well, spend a while navel gazing into *next season as we talk about what some of the impacts of this year's events may have on next year's teams and prices.

Additionally, it's market forces, it's a Zombie update (with a crowned winner!), the Nick pick and the All Englands.

The questions section this week also gives our thoughts on Gameweek 38!

*LONDONERS: if you can, save the date Sat 13th July for an FPL preseason meetup. Will give more details soon*

Main league: 516-441

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Friday, 3 May 2019

FPL: Five players for GW37 – Time for another Aguero moment?

We’ve reached the penultimate weekend of Premier League football. Whilst the Premier League teams didn’t fair particularly well in the Champions League this week, there’s still plenty to play for domestically. More importantly, there are still fantasy football points up for grabs.
The most difficult thing at this time of the season is finding players who still have something to play for. As we approach the end of the season, there’s a risk certain teams will metaphorically be on the beach. The picks this week are therefore focused around teams who still have a lot to play for. Fortunately, most of those teams are around the top six.
With only two game weeks to think about, the equation is not particularly complicated. Here are our five picks for who could shine in week 37.
1) Sergio Aguero (Forward, Man City, £11.9m)
Aguero’s winner against Burnley was his first goal in five league games. It’s the time of season where form for an individual is not necessarily important. Aguero is a big game player and is one of the greatest goalscorers in Premier League history. A home game with Leicester should give him plenty of opportunities to add to his goal tally.
To read the rest of this article, click here.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Who Got The Assist? Pod 68 - Overmanagement

This week, we're back after a good week for both of us to talk about Overmanagement - should we revalue the importance of being idle and doing nothing?

We also take a look at captains for Gameweek 37 then do the usual features and questions.

Main league: 516-441

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Friday, 26 April 2019

FPL: Five players to watch in GW36

After a week of shocks for some of the top clubs, the Premier League fixture list is down to three weeks. With plenty to play for at both ends of the table, where can fantasy managers turn to for a boost during the run-in? With Gameweek 36 getting underway on Friday, time is already ticking towards another deadline.
With the last double game week of the season now behind us, it’s a lot more straight forward from here. As a general rule of thumb, look to include as many players still playing for something as possible. Fortunately, that still includes all of the top 6 and most of the top 10, as the battle for European spaces looks like going to the wire.
As usual, here are five picks to hopefully keep you in the green this week. Thanks to Liverpool vs Huddersfield, the deadline is Friday at 7pm – don’t forget!
1) Mo Salah (Liverpool, Midfield, £13.2m)
Possibly the most obvious pick of the week. Liverpool host Huddersfield on Friday night which should be a home win. Huddersfield, as we know, are very relegated. Yes, that is the correct terminology. Whilst they have shown some admirable fight in recent games they are just not good enough for this level and barring an unbelievable performance, even the most ardent of Huddersfield fans couldn’t back their team here. Therefore it makes perfect sense to fill your team with Liverpool players this week and to be honest it could have been any of Salah, Mane or Firmino. Salah has the most FPL points this season (230) but he is £3m more expensive than Mane who has 201. If you’re on a budget, Mane is perhaps the way to go.

To read the rest of this article, click here.