Thursday, 12 December 2013

Important details for FPLManager app contest (GW16 #JackInTheBox)

#FPL GW16 JackInTheBox Contest 
(courtesy of FPLManager)

I know it may seem straightforward to most of you, but I wanted to take a few minutes to describe the details and timeline for how the GW16 FPL #JackInTheBox contest will work.  Sponsored by our friends @FPLManager and brought to you by @FPLHints, please note the following information as summarized on the excellent visual created by @matejp23 (below)

Between now and Friday afternoon, December 13:  Scan the FPL website and study up on the bottom 5 EPL clubs: Sunderland, Crystal Palace, Fulham, West Ham, Cardiff City.  Focus only on those players owned by 3% or less of FPL managers as of mid-day Friday and try to predict which of those players will earn the most FPL points for GW16.

Friday afternoon (UK time), December 13: I will kic koff the competition by announcing my #GW16 #JackInTheBox via Twitter and invite every FPL manager in the world to compete against me.  Once my pick is tweeted, it is off limits to all competition participants.

What you can do to enter:  After my selection is announced via Twitter and the competition is officially opened, simply do the following:

1)  RT my original tweet kicking off the competition
2)  Reply to my kickoff tweet with the following information:  My GW16 #JackInTheBox pick is _________ @fplhints @matejp23 @eplfanforlife @fplmanager.
3)  You may pick any FPL player besides the player I choose, even if another FPL manager has picked them already.
4)  You have until Saturday morning at 11:30 a.m. (GW16 FPL deadline) to enter the contest and note your pick.
5)  At the end of the gameweek, the person who picked the #JackInTheBox with the highest point tally for GW16 will win a free copy of the hugely popular FPL Manager app available for iPad, iPhone, and iPodTouch.
6)  If by some strange stroke of luck my #JackInTheBox selection is the highest scorer, nobody wins.
7)  If more than one person selects the highest scoring #JackInTheBox for the gameweek, the winner will be determined by a random draw.

Get in this competition and enjoy it!  With Chief and Matej being among the top 100 FPL managers in the world over the past two years, this is your best chance to pick up a victory against little ole me.  After all, I haven't been shy about the absolutely horrendous start I've had to the 2013-14 FPL season.  If you're going to notch a big win and earn some bragging rights, this may be your best bet.

Contest rules are summarized below in one of Matej's many masterpieces:
Please note that Shane Long is not my actual pick; it is simply a placeholder until my official pick is announced

To help aid in your selection, here's how the bottom 5 are lining up this gameweek:

20)  Sunderland away to West Ham
19)  Crystal Palace away to Chelsea
18)  Fulham away to Everton
17)  West Ham home to Sunderland
16)  Cardiff City home to West Brom

This competition is difficult, but with all of us having the same parameters and a newly found appreciation for the teams in the bottom 5, it's also a huge eye opener and a great opportunity to dig deeper into FPL and carefully look at some of the players that you may otherwise never have considered to be important to your FPL fortunes.

Take if from me; the modestly owned players in the bottom 5 have a great potential to have an impact on your FPL season.  You'll see.......

The contest's overall winner will receive a free version of the hugely popular FPL Manager app for iPhone, iPad, and iPodTouch.  Huge thanks to @fplmanager for making this competition possible.

Good luck everyone!!

Study up and I'll see you on Friday!