Friday, 20 December 2013

GW17 FPL #JackInTheBox

Special thanks to all those who participated in last week's #JackInTheBox competition (and congratulations to our winner, @symojt!); you all made it a very fun and enjoyable contest. Special thanks also to @fplmanager for supplying the prize!

This week I'm also pretty darn psyched, as Chief has relaxed the parameters: going forward, the weekly #JackInTheBox will be a player from the bottom 6 teams in the then-current Premier League table who also is owned by 5% or less of FPL managers.  So we've added an extra team to choose from and an extra 2% in ownership to equal the generally accepted ownership level of a true #Differential (Matej's area of expertise;))

So the bottom 6 clubs are Sunderland, Fulham, Crystal Palace, West Ham, West Brom, and Cardiff.  With fixtures away to Liverpool and home to City, Cardiff and Fulham were immediately crossed off my list.  I settled on the newbies to my special little #JITB area at the bottom of the table (West Brom).  With a home fixture to Hull and looking to both impress the new coach and/or show the board they were wrong in sacking Clarke, I look to West Brom to try and make a statement.  I hope they'll do it through....

This week's #JackInTheBox: Stephane Sessegnon

Although this puts me in a virtual no-win situation (McGregor is my #FPL keeper), I'm going with my gut and hoping that McGregor saves a Morrison PK in addition to any damage that the man from Benin may inflict on this portion of my FPL defence (with Koscielny and Zabaleta both injured I'm having quite the defensive crisis at the moment).

Good luck to all of you this weekend.  Please share your own #JackInTheBox picks on the Twitter boards in addition to your always appreciated input and banter related to this week's #HotPicks contest hosted by the Chief, Matej's weekly #CalledIt selection, and Fly's new weekly feature; the #FlyBuy.

If you've never heard Stephane Sessegnon talk and are curious what he sounds like, here's your chance as he describes what it felt like to score his first W Brom goal vs his old club Sunderland...