Thursday, 26 December 2013

FPLH's Team of the Mid-Season 2013-14

With Gameweek 19 due to start this Saturday, I thought it best to crunch some numbers to reveal our team of the mid-season.  This is based on a unique algorithm created by me.  It isn't simply based on the Premier League's actual ranking.  Rather it considers an array of subjective and objective things, i.e. did a team punch above its weight?  Did a team under-perform?  How did a team "actually" do? 

To be precise, the FPLH algorithm factors the following things:

  • FPLH's pre-season league table projection: 1st-10th & 11th-20th. (Subjective)
  • 4 layered ranking ratio based on pre-season projection. (Objective)
  • Goals Scored in the Premier League during the 13-14 season. (Objective)
  • Clean Sheets in the Premier League during the 13-14 season. (Objective)
  • "Impress Factor" based on actual performance. (Subjective)

Our results are shown below.  Despite Man City maintaining a 100% home record and recently defeating Liverpool, they have just been pipped by them for our award.  It really came down to the finest of details.  My lower expectation of Liverpool prior to the season was proved wrong by their fine form thus far.  This ultimately swung it in their favour by a mere 600 points, which is next to nothing on our scoring system.  Honourable mentions must also go to Newcastle and Everton who proved me wrong and have done well with the algorithm.  My high expectations of Chelsea and their failure to be higher placed sees them suffer, as is the case for Tottenham and Man United.  As for the bottom 3, they don't include any newly promoted teams, but rather those who spent a fair bit in the summer without any subsequent joy.

Rank Teams Score
1 Liverpool 479,400
2 Man City 478,800
3 Arsenal 438,600
4 Everton 384,800
5 Newcastle 364,000
6 Chelsea 218,400
7 Southampton 201,600
8 Man Utd 166,400
9 Hull 129,580
10 Swansea 127,400
11 Stoke 126,000
12 Tottenham 97,500
13 Aston Villa 82,500
14 Cardiff 81,900
15 West Brom 79,200
16 Norwich 75,075
17 Crystal Palace 57,750
18 West Ham 39,600
19 Sunderland 39,600
20 Fulham 38,700

Congratulations to Liverpool Football Club.

FPLH's Team of the Mid-Season 2013/2014.