Saturday, 28 December 2013

GW19 FPL #JackInTheBox

Well hello again.  These gameweeks are coming fast and furious; it seems like as soon as one ends the next is about to begin already.  With the holidays in full swing and family in town to entertain and enjoy time with, I can't move fast enough to get any Twitter time or write articles; I can't imagine how the Eden Hazards of the world go 90+ minutes and then rejuvenate quickly enough to do it again 2 days later.  Alas, GW19 is here and it's time for another #JackInTheBox competition!

The Chief, partly in an attempt to open up the parameters to more than the same old struggling bottom 6 clubs, and maybe partly to give this clueless American a chance at getting one right for a change, has expanded the weekly #JackInTheBox parameters to any player in the bottom 8 EPL sides with FPL ownership of 5.0% or less.  This opens things up to almost the entire bottom half of the table, so the options should start to get juicy.

This week, two fixtures feature bottom 8 sides going head to head and as usual, they've stolen the majority of my attention.  With Sunderland coming off an unexpected victory over Everton on Boxing Day and now traveling to a beleaguered Cardiff City side struggling to find their identity (and a new manager), I don't really know what to make of this one.  A normally tough side at home, Cardiff were unmercifully thumped by Southampton just two days ago and things could implode for them now that Vincent Tan has cemented his spot as public enemy #1 with the sacking of hugely popular manager Malky Mackay.  On the other hand, they could regain their rock-solid home defensive record and hold the side at the bottom of the EPL table scoreless.  I'm leaving this one alone.

That turned my attention to the West Ham-West Brom fixture.  Coming pretty close to toppling Arsenal on Boxing Day and now facing an almost must-win fixture at home against fellow strugglers West Brom, I expect West Ham to scratch and claw their way to a home victory while also possibly keeping another clean sheet.  The problem is that a) I don't feel completely confident choosing any of the defenders b) betting on a clean sheet, even at West Ham, is easy to lose and not nearly as much fun as picking someone you can jump up and down to after they score and c) my gut choice of Joe Cole may or may not start depending on how Ravel the Brilliant is doing.  So I looked elsewhere and finally set my sights on:


Aston Villa host Swansea at Villa Park tomorrow, and despite the highest time of possession in the Premier League, the highest number of average completed passes, blah blah blah, Swansea has simply not turned the possession and pass-fest stats into goals and results.  They may keep the ball longer and pass the ball more frequently and successfully, but every time I've watched them they've just seemed sparkless and blah.

Sparkless and blah Andreas Weimann is not.  I've been impressed with him for years.  He's my kind of player; using energy, hustle, enthusiasm and passion and converting it to the kind of tireless performance that football fans feel good about paying for.  He's easy to root for and reminds me a little bit of Carlos Tevez without the attitude and homesickness.

Score one for your buddy Walt tomorrow Andreas... I need something to brag about for a change.

Here's a compilation video of his goals during the 2012/13 season....
P.S. He scored against Swansea last year ;)

Have a great gameweek everyone,