Tuesday, 3 December 2013

#CalledIt Differential Pick - GW14

How can I describe last week's #CalledIt? Well, as some of you might know, I used to be a basketball player back in the days and one of my favorite movies during the time when I still thought that I could make it to the NBA (khem, khem, well, or at least to the first national league in Slovenia) was "White men can't jump" featuring Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. It is a great movie and one I enjoyed immensely. All 15 or 20 times I watched it. Now, there are some "off" moments in the movie (Like Woody dunking. In a game. From an alley oop. With both hands. Eeeerrrrrrrr, I don't think so. And Wesley's 720 around his waist for the assist. What?), but overall it's a great movie. 

There is a sequence in the movie where Woody hits four shots in a row and smiling his a** off turns to Wesley saying something like: "Four in a row! This is like the luck of the Irish, only I am not Irish." And this is exactly how I felt with Walcott. In the 86th minute I switched off the TV in the moment of clarity (I will not torture myself with false hope anymore), tweeted "I give up.", only to switch the TV on again for my daughter to watch Princess Sofia. 

So I sit there watching Sofia (and feeling sorry I didn't go with Negredo as my pick) when my phone started buzzing like hell. WTH? I disregard it, but it goes on and on. And I check it and it is full of Twitter mentions. The first one that says "Asysta! :)" comes from FantasyPL. Could it be? I don't even want to let myself think it is possible. So I start checking all the other tweets and YES, Walcott seems to have gotten the assist in the 1 measly minute he was afforded! Yeah! This is what I call the luck of Irish!

Anyway, back to this GW. I am sad to even have to feature Juan Mata here, because he is my all-time favorite PL player. I will not comment on managing skills of a certain "chosen one", but this is a real shame. If he gets playing time, you know he is good for it. That's all you need to know. He is class. Juan Mata, #CalledIt for GW14.