Friday, 13 December 2013

GW16 FPL #JackInTheBox - Special Contest Edition

Have you heard the news!?!  Thanks to @fplmanager, @fplhints and @matejp23, I am running my first ever Twitter FPL contest this week!  I gotta tell you, I am beside myself with excitement and cannot wait to see how it goes.  I still shake my head in amazement and pinch myself to be sure this is actually happening.  After all, I'm just an average bloke/lad/mate/dude from America with an infatuation for FPL that many would say borders on being unhealthy;)

The story of how this all happened is still a bit difficult to grasp, but my crazy attachment to FPL caught Chief's eye last year and he literally threw caution to the wind by asking me to contribute to his blog.  Talk about a punt!!  Honoured, humbled, and scared to death about the prospect of trying to come across like I actually know what I'm talking about, I moreso sit back on most days cursing my 2013-14 FPL fortunes and pointing at all of the awesome FPL accounts floating across my timeline thinking "Man, that guy is AWESOME; I hope I'm that good at FPL someday".

Even so, here I am, managing a weekly FPL column that is both difficult and fascinating. The goal is to find that #JackInTheBox, the player flying under the radar who could shock the FPL world in the coming week with a points haul that no one saw coming.  You probably know the paramaters by know, as they're simple yet challenging: pick the player from one of the bottom 5 teams in the EPL table with 3.0% ownership or less who will score the most FPL points in the coming gameweek.

Easy it's not.  Challenging, daunting, and with a huge risk/reward factor to it, extremely exciting it IS.  And this week it's your chance.  I will pick mine here in a moment and then you, ALL OF YOU, will have a chance to pick yours.  We will all go up against one another for not only the hugely valuable bragging rights of being the person to pick the highest scoring #JackInTheBox for GW16, but the winner will also be rewarded with a free copy of the popular FPL Manager app available for your iPhone, iPad, and iPodTouch.

So have you done your research?  Have you scanned the Sunderland, Crystal Palace, Fulham, West Ham and Cardiff City lineups picking out the players with 3% ownership or less who you think will do the business this weekend?  This is what I do every week, and I'm glad you've all had the opportunity to do it as well.  It's quite the quandary isn't it?

When the gameweek is over, like me, you will almost certainly throw your hands up and boastfully exclaim, "I WAS SO CLOSE TO PICKING THAT GUY!!"  But let's be honest, the fact that we all "considered" him or "came so close" to picking him or say "I knew I should have went with him" is really kind of expected and normal.  After all, every player owned by 3% of FPL managers and under is an option, and if you scan the squad rosters you will find many capable of notching a goal, snagging a clean sheet, or earning a visit to Bonus Point City.  The options are many, the potential is widespread, and that is part of the allure.  You SHOULD consider them all and come close to picking many of them; that's the whole point.  But only one will bring you the glory you seek.  Only one will turn your prognosticating dreams into reality.  Only one will jump out of that box when the music stops and surprise the you-know-what out of the rest of us.  You will be happy, it will be awesome, and you will be instantly known as the #JackInTheBox GW16 Champion of the World!

Okay, so I know you've scanned the EPL table, reviewed the fixtures, and carefully considered every player owned by 3% or less with an outside chance of bagging an unexpected brace.  It's time to put your money where your mouth is and declare your pick for the GW16 FPL #JackInTheBox contest.  I thank all of you for participating, am excited to see how the contest goes, and want to send out another quick Thank You to @fplmanager, @fplhints and @matejp23 for their generosity and support. 

So, without further adieu, let the contest begin......

Walt's FPL GW16 #JackInTheBox  is.......

Here is a link to the article describing the rules of the contest thoroughly, in case it will help you:

Thanks again everyone.  Have a great time, enjoy the banter, and I will be checking in periodically to review your picks, answer questions, and have fun with the "Oh man, I almost picked him" discussions.  For me, I'm counting on Mr. America to act out some of that angst he feels at being drawn with Germany, Portugal and Ghana in the upcoming World Cup.  With the heaviest travel schedule and one of the toughest groups, I know Mr. Altidore will be doing everything he can to not only pull Sunderland out of the drop zone, but to also show our World Cup Group G opponents all of the things that they should be worrying about when they lay down to go to sleep at night.  After all, he's the closest thing to King Romelu that we have, and he's capable of a strong display when he travels to West Ham this weekend.

Check out this clip and you'll see a pretty good impression of how it will sound in my house if Jozy does what I think he's going to do this weekend....

Special FPLH team thanks once again to @fplmanager.