Monday, 23 December 2013

The Problem With Ghost Ship FPL Accounts

Doing well this season? Think again...

The problem with Ghost Ship FPL accounts is that they inflate your true overall ranking. You may not be too bothered by this.  After all, they are the wooden spoons of your classic leagues and whipping boys of your H2H encounters.  But the fact of the matter is that they skew your positioning and can attribute a false sense of success to your very own FPL team.  So what is a Ghost Ship FPL account? Some say that they are those teams that were created prior to GW1 one and have been left abandoned since then. But this doesn't take into account the significant number of individuals who inadvertently abandon ship (pardon the pun!) around the festive period.  My personal Ghost Ship FPL account definition is as follows:

"An account that ceases to make transfers in more than 4 consecutive Gameweeks"

Of course some people who have Ghost Ship FPL accounts may go back to their teams after a lengthy period of absence during the season. In other instances where there is no return, they fluke a fantastic Gameweek and temporarily appear as the best team overall.  But in more than 90% of guesstimated cases such teams are left static, unwanted and aimless.  Not only do they mess up rankings, they also misrepresent player ownership.  How many of these so-called accounts exist?  I did a quick sample check on my public classic league.  A staggering 6 out of 20 teams (30%) met my Ghost Ship criteria.  Based on this statistic being projected across the board, it would potentially mean that up to 1 million FPL teams are effectively abandoned.  That is cataclysmic and problematic.  In real terms, an overall position of 100k would in theory put you in the top 3.3%.  But if we are to exclude 1,000,000 potential Ghost Ships you're true rating would just about place you in the top 5%.

So there you have it.  Think about that the next time you brag about your overall rank :)

PS - Season's Greetings to you all.