Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Chief's FPL Team - Gameweek 18

Disclaimer: *FPLH reserves the right to change this team at any time. Any changes made will most likely be confirmed on FPLH's Twitter account.

2 TRANSFERS (-4 Hit):

Vidic & Shelvey: OUT 
Coleman & Silva: IN

Another Gameweek, another high scoring captain chosen, another red arrow and another 70+ score (pre -4 hit).  My inability to score 80+ since GW1 is indicative of my woes. I must be doing something wrong surely?  My current run of consistent scoring (albeit not spectacular) is now as follows:


Unfortunately the Dzeko transfer failed on me.  He didn't take his chances against Fulham and was prematurely subbed off. He could still potentially start v Liverpool on Boxing Day. I won't be offloading him yet. I guess we will have to wait and see. As for de Gea, I was banking on him to keep a clean sheet but that didn't work out.  I think he should be able to do so against Hull and in his other upcoming fixtures.

Looking at GW18, I decided to make 2 further transfers.  Out went Shelvey (who is playing in an advanced role) due to his difficult fixtures.  In his place I decided to buy Silva who has one of the best points per game averages from midfield this season.  Hopefully he won't be a rotation risk as he hasn't played every minute of this season.  It was a no brainer to recruit a Man City midfielder, especially with their formidable home record.  My other transfer involved the belated sale of Vidic.  He has been nothing but a complete and total flop for my team this season.  His form and fitness issues overshadow his once formidable presence. I can't believe I even took a chance on him as he yielded poor returns.  I have decided to replace him with Coleman.  Yes, I could have bought him a lot earlier (but couldn't fit him in prior to the sale of Aguero).

As for my GW18 captain, I decided to give the armband to Rooney.  He hasn't scored in a while and could be a risky pick against a Hull team at home.  But United have a good away record to complement City's fantastic home record.  Besides that everyone else will most probably be captaining Lukaku and Suarez.  I just wanted to be different on the armband front with a viable alternative.  I'm starting with R Bennett in the unlikely event that he starts, but I realise that I will have to make do with auto-sub C. Davies facing off to Rooney and co.  On a final note, the Official FPL Cup starts in GW18!  See below for qualification details.

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Once again; Season's Greetings from the FPLH Team.