Tuesday, 3 December 2013

GW14 FPL #JackInTheBox

Well, imagine my relief that Norwich City have climbed out of the bottom 5.  They've been in the bottom 5 two out of the four times I've published this column, and I picked a player from their squad each time, coming up empty and empty again.  With any luck they'll stay among the top 15 squads and leave me be for a good while.

Having them gone doesn't make my job any easier though, as the bottom 5 are in their respective positions for a reason; namely a vast shortage of goals.  Combined, the bottom 5 squads in the EPL average less than a goal a game over the past 6 gameweeks, not exactly the track record you'd like.  But then again, it's what you'd expect from squads in their unenviable position, right?

So for the much anticipated mid-week gameweek, we have Palace at home vs. West Ham, Sunderland home to Chelsea, Fulham home to Tottenham, and Cardiff away to fellow bottom 5 dweller Stoke City.  If you haven't figured it out by now, any time 2 of the bottom 5 clubs square off against one another, it's a magnet for my attention.  And this week we see the 16th place Potters at home against the 17th place Bluebirds.  Let's put our focus there and see what these squads have to offer.

I have developed quite a liking for this Cardiff City side but as impressed as I have been with their recent run of fixtures, including the recent loss to top-side Arsenal (where I thought they played respectably), I am more impressed with Stoke City's production over the past few weeks, not to mention the fact that Stoke is unbeaten at home this term and other than last week's drubbing at the hand of Everton and a close 2-3 loss to Manchester United at Old Trafford in gameweek 9, they have 3 draws and a victory over Sunderland in their past 6 fixtures.


Having handed my #JackInTheBox armband to Crouchy just two weeks ago, I am resisting the urge to nod at Jonathan Walters this week, and am instead handing the GW 14 #JackInTheBox honours to Charlie Adam.  Assuming he keeps his starting spot in the hole behind Crouchy, I expect him to take advantage of his recently improved fitness and cause some trouble for the visitors.  With spot kicks and free kicks in his arsenal, there will be many opportunities and possibilities for him to dazzle the home crowd with an inspired performance. 

With ownership at a mere 0.5%, there's much to be gained and not much to be lost by choosing this former Blackpool/Liverpool goal-creating, free kick specialist for your FPL squad.  At 5.6m he could very well be on an upward trend that will repay your investment in spades as he solidifies his position behind the striker and dishes out some assists to Crouch and Walters, both of whom are also searching for the form to match their potential.

Come on Charlie, let's see you put that lethal left foot of yours to good use.  I'll be cheering you on from here.

As an added bonus, please enjoy this clip of Charlie doing a great job explaining why he likes to read and what some of his favourite books are.  Edge of your seat kinda stuff hand picked just for you...because you're crazy about FPL and deserve it.

Looking forward to hearing tales of green arrows galore....enjoy the mid-week gameweek all of you FPL crazies.