Thursday, 24 April 2014

GW36 FPL #JackInTheBox

"I blew out my flip-flop, stepped on a pop top; I broke my leg twice had to limp on back home......"  oh, sorry, wrong forum.  I have Jimmy Buffet on the brain.  Let me put my FPL hat on for a moment.

Yes, it's JackInTheBox time; time for my weekly pick of the player from a bottom 8 squad of the EPL table with 5.0% ownership or less who I think will provide some returns in the coming gameweek for fantasy managers.  After a decent run there for a few gameweeks my last three picks have all pretty much gone the way of David Silva; hobbling around on a bad foot for awhile before finally giving in and needing to be stretchered off.

This week will be different. I've got 3 more chances to make decent picks; 3 more chances to impress you with my unique ability to foretell the future and receive the showers of praise that can follow a carefully scouted, closely analyzed and ultimately sound, rationale choice; otherwise known as turning the crank, letting the music play and build to a resounding climax, where the JackInTheBox scares the crap out of you as he jumps out of his box and gives you the surprise of your life.  But who is going to do that this week?  This guy....

FPL GW36 #JACKINTHEBOX: Jonathan De Guzman

Swansea host Aston Villa this Saturday.  Michu's out for what looks like the rest of the season, Wilifred Bony is owned by far too many people to qualify for the illustrious armband, and De Guzman is a dangerous, hungry player with set piece duty who is going to get on the scoresheet in a match where Swansea need to show some strength and give the home crowd something to cheer about and look forward to next year. A resurgence is badly needed over there in Wales if Swansea are to be considered the tough opponent they were considered to be last year (until they won that League Cup anyway).

Enjoy the matches and send me a quick tweet when he scores; it's been awhile since I got something right.

And just remember..... whether he scores or not, and whether you have green arrows or not....

"Come Monday, it'll be alright" - Jimmy Buffet 

If you've never been to a Buffet show or don't know who he is....check this out. This is what I'll be doing tonight.....partying with 18,000 friends I haven't met yet....