Friday, 18 April 2014

#CalledIt Differential Pick - GW35

While #CalledIt pick for GW34 Samir Nasri did not set the world on fire with his 10 point return in the double game week, he for sure also did not disappoint (in FPL terms at least). After scoring a late goal in a surprising draw with Sunderland, he did also have a chance to seal it moments later, but just missed it. And with news coming in that Silva is a major doubt for Monday's clash with West Brom (and Yaya nowhere near of being back), he sure seems like a keeper for the time being.

My differentials favorites this week are Mohamed Salah (should keep playing with the UCL semis just around the corner and we all know that Mourinho has not actually written the title off), Aaron Ramsey (his actual ownership is waaaaay lower and he just seems to make Arsenal look better) and Emanuel Adebayor. Despite the fact that the first two are intriguing choices I put my faith in the big guy. Despite a badly missed penalty in GW34, the Spurs are scoring for fun lately and with the Danish On/Off D-Lite (and former guest on #CalledIt), Christian Eriksen in such great form, he will probably score plenty of goals between now and the end of the season. Emanuel Adebayor, #CalledIt for GW35.