Friday, 4 April 2014

#CalledIt Differential Pick - GW33

As you might remember (if you have read my article last week), I spent a good part of the double gameweek 31 in London (click here to read more about it) and while I was there I also got a chance to visit The White Hart Lane to enjoy my first ever Premier League match with the home side going against the visiting Southampton. 

Enjoying the pre-game ceremony we joked with @FantasyYIRMA about (finally) offloading the "Great-Danish-hype-proven-bust" Christian Eriksen and how he is sure to make us regret it now. Well, our smiles turned to disbelief when he went on to score two goals, assist one and collecting all three bonus points in his all-star 18 FPL points performance. It was clear to me then and there that I will once again (I know, some people never learn) be getting him in my team. 

He is down to 6.5m and owned by only 4% of managers at the moment of writing. He has great fixtures coming (SUN, wba, FUL), is on form and has been the cornerstone of Tottenham's attack lately. Admittedly, you never know what Tim Sherwood ultimately decides to do - benching his best player to try something new, leaving him out of the squad because he prefers Danish biscuits to English shortbread cookies with his 5 o'clock tea or will simply play him as a center-back. I have no clue and I will just pray to god that this is the "Sane Tim Week". Because, if he plays alongside the big man Adebayor, he is sure to do some damage, if nothing else at least an assist or two. #CalledIt pick for GW33, Christian Eriksen.