Saturday, 19 April 2014

#FlyBuy - GW35

How was DGW34 for you then? Plenty of green arrows and a late season charge up your mini-league or the overall rankings I hope?

The less said about my current form the better, suffice to say I was hoping to be inside the Top 500 by now. Instead I find myself just outside the Top 12k. Yes, I have "done an Arsenal" - and it STINGS!!

But how did my FlyBuy pick get on last week? Hopefully you remember that I went for Marouane Chamakh, and although he didn't set the DGW alight, he did manage to outscore many more popular picks from the striker options. Including my own captain (Lukaku).

In actual fact, he returned the joint 8th highest return of ALL fwds with 7 pts. Considering the 7 players who outscored him were Wickham, Podolski, Jerome, Rodallega, Giroud, Ba and Vydra it kind of puts into context how well Chamakh did on a terrible week for the "big" names.

Most FPL managers will have had at least 2 from Aguero (5 pts), Suarez (4 pts), Lukaku (4 pts), Dzeko (3 pts) or Sturridge (2 pts), and not many of us would have predicted such a poor return from those names.

So, who did go with my recommendation and bring Chamakh in then? Nobody?!? Why you ungrateful wretchs!! But wait a minute...what's that? Somebody had Chamakh? And not only that, he captained him?!?

Who was this crazy man? Step forward and take the applause Mr John Bremner (@jbremner 91). It was a gutsy pick, and if I am to be totally transparent with you all, had nothing whatsoever to do with him reading last week's FlyBuy article! But great minds think alike, the difference is John was confident enough to do it, whereas I copped out and went with Lukaku. 

But enough backslapping, I guess I should move onto this week's pick. Well, he comes from a team who started the season promising so little, and who have not let us down...sorry Chief!

I actually really rate this guy, and its a shame he hasn't done better as he is certainly capable. But, he needs better players around him and supplying him. He was screwed when his team's star player was flogged in January and despite decent points returns, he's been out injured since GW30.

I'm talking about Newcastle United striker Loic Remy. Although still yellow flagged, I think he will make an appearance vs Swansea at St James Park and I predict it will be a goalscoring return. Without Cabaye, it's more difficult for the Magpies to create much, but on his day Remy is different gravy.

He's after a move, so he knows he needs to remind clubs of his talent, so I'd consider bringing him in as your 3rd fwd option for the remainder of the season. 4.9% ownership make him an interesting differential don't you think?