Thursday, 24 April 2014

Chief's FPL Team - Gameweek 36

Disclaimer: *FPLH reserves the right to change this team at any time. Any changes will most likely be confirmed on FPLH's Twitter account.




Switched my captain from Aguero to Suarez but still scored 76 in GW35...

... 4 points lost (like taking a hit!). This is how I feel.

The GW 36 Temptations:

4 goals in his last 2 PL games and a sub £8.0M price tag speaks volumes.  Despite being listed as a striker he doesn't strictly play as one.  Could now be undermined by Rambo & Ozil.

Despite Swansea's somewhat rocky and indifferent season, he has been a star for them. Good home fixture v Villa.  Another sub £8.0M forward, but has nothing more to play for this season.

Sub £5.0M and has 3 goals in his last 2 games.  Only 0.3% own him.  He has a good game v Cardiff.  I will probably be tempted to buy him during DGW37 as a shock buy... or maybe not.

The GW 36 Transfers:

Silva's shock start on Monday night was a nice surprise.  But a 2 point return and serious injury proved to be a blow as I also lost out on a DGW37 player.  I decided to buy "Rambo" Ramsey after his sensational points haul v Hull.  Whilst he won't do that every GW, Arsenal will be looking to seal 4th spot.  What better way to get close to that than to thrash an abysmal Newcastle side that has lost 12 of their last 17 matches.  My other transfer incurred a -4 hit and forced me to consider DGW37.  I know Rooney didn't do well last week, but he has some cracking upcoming home fixtures.  In addition, I am hoping the "Giggs factor" may give him a bit of a boost, especially with the World Cup around the corner.  I had to get my transfers in early due to the rapid price rises.  I announced them on Twitter.  Sorry if you got short changed!

The Captain:

Rooney seems an obvious pick against a dire Canaries team.  But I am worried about his form to the extent that I won't give him the armband.  Aguero may find it tough v Palace, whereas Suarez could be hot or cold at Anfield depending on what team Mourinho fields.  This situation left me to opt for a more pluckier captaincy pick.  I haven't had much luck with #MNF captains since Barkley v Newcastle earlier this season but I have chosen Ramsey for GW36.  Here's to hoping that Rambo maintains his stellar form and gives Arsenal fans something to cheer about in their pursuit for 4th spot!

The Personal Competitive Context:

With the season almost over, I still have reason to keep focused in FPL.  As thing stand, I'm on course for a third consecutive top 1% finish #FPL finish, I took a lead in leg 1 of my Champions League semi final match and progressed through to round 2 of the inaugural  FPLH Royal Rumble!  In fairness, I was lucky to do well in both competitions as I faced stiff competition.  Nonetheless, there's all to play for.  Teams are becoming more homogenised and buying successful differentials now will be the difference between moving 1k in a GW to moving 10k.

Perch of the Pundits*:
*Bigger than usual to fit Walt in! 

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