Wednesday, 23 April 2014

#FlyBuy - GW36

Just like my FPL season, FlyBuy derailed last week and was a resounding FAIL!

I predicted Loic Remy to return to the Newcastle team and go on a scoring run between now and the end of the season. This was mainly based on the fact I believe he will want to put himself in the shop window as he will have zero desire to remain with the Magpies next season.

As he was still "yellow flagged" I predicted he would be on the bench, but he got a chance of a full 50 minutes when he replaced the injured Luuk de Jong before half-time. On Twitter I confidently broadcast that Remy would "definitely score", only to be proven completely wrong. 1 appearance point later, and yet more ammunition to my detractors that I am unworthy of the label of "FPL Pundit".

However, you can't keep the Fly down - I will continue buzzing around and annoying you all (until such time as someone finds a massive rolled up newspaper and gives me a smack that is).

Swiftly on then, and an opportunity over the remaining 3 gameweeks to provide you with a decent FlyBuy pick worthy of your consideration. A quick reminder of the parameters I have to operate in:

  1. Between 3 and 20% ownership
  2. From a 5-15th placed Premier League Club
  3. A player, who, for one reason or another has not been amongst the points - but who I predict can go on a bit of a run or a return to form.
I'm not sparing this one too much thought this week. Without even looking at the fixtures (although I know they are playing at home vs Norwich), my pick will come from Manchester United.

With the majority of the "Class of '92" reuniting to take charge of United until the end of the season, I think they will sweep aside all before them in their remaining fixtures. Headed up by Ryan Giggs, the stars are all in alignment for me to choose from their ranks for GW36. Here's why:

  1. Giggs is older than me (by 18 months) and the fact he is still playing, gives me hope my own Premier League ambition is not quite dead in the water.
  2. Although he debuted in 1991, it is the 1992 season when he claimed the left-wing slot from Lee Sharpe for his own. I also started my current career in 1992 and 22 years later I am - like Giggs - still with the same employer.
  3. I too - given the chance - would have had an affair with my brothers wife. (LOL - I joke! He's not married! Yet...)
  4. I have also progressed in my chosen career to a position of management which involves coaching and development of younger talent.
However, I'm not going to pick Giggs as my #FlyBuy pick. Why? Because I don't think he'll pick himself to play. Will he? Hmm...he's never struck me as a player with a big ego. I think he will pick the best team to get results and try to put a "feel-good" factor back into the United fans between now and the end of the season.

The fact Manchester United have 3 consecutive home games as Old Trafford - Norwich, Sunderland and Hull - before finishing away at Southampton is also a factor in this pick. All winnable. All winnable with big scores. And that's what I think will happen.

No, my pick this week is a player who is a natural choice for me because of the following reasons (I'm going a bit overboard with lists today aren't I?):

  1. Giggs rates this guy and speaks VERY highly of him.
  2. He has recently expressed a desire to leave Old Trafford citing a lack of opportunities in his favoured central striking role. This would be bad for Utd, so Giggs will want to get him back on-board ASAP.
  3. The toe injury to Rooney is obviously affecting him, to the point where he was absolutely rubbish vs Everton.
  4. With the World Cup getting close, he knows he needs to impress Roy Hodgson (although he will no doubt be on the plane to Brazil already) and although he has scored 9 goals this season that's hardly a prolific return.
  5. He has not played 90 minutes since the 3-1 away defeat to Chelsea on 19 Jan.
You've guessed it by now, I'm opting for Daniel Nii Tackie Mensah Welbeck (bet you didn't know that was his full name did you?)

Welbeck was born on 26 November 1990. Almost 17 years exactly after Ryan Giggs who was offered his first professional contract with Manchester United when baby Welbeck was only 3 days old (29 November 1990)

If that's not a final sign that my FlyBuy pick for GW36 is a guaranteed success, I don't know what is...

Good luck to you all. And give Welbeck some serious thought; currently owned by just 3.8% of managers and available at a knock-down price of £6.6m (from a season high of £7.8m). I believe a lot of these owners will be ghost ship accounts, who drafted Welbeck in following his 2 goal haul vs Swansea on the opening day of the season. Rooney is blatantly not fully fit, so I think Giggs will give Welbeck what he wants; a central striking opportunity with Rooney and Mata providing the ammunition.

One final thing, did any of you spot I managed to get through this entire article without one mention of the "M" word? I figured you'd all had just enough of hearing about him all week!