Thursday, 10 April 2014

GW34 FPL #JackInTheBox

I've made a big decision. After the world's crappiest #JackInTheBox call last week (Snodgrass - although some of you will argue that other week's picks have been worse ;)), I've realized that if I'm not gonna come up with good picks, the least I could do for the #FPL community is share one picture of Aruba in each of the 5 remaining JackInTheBox articles this year. So there ya go; at least you have that to look forward to. 

As far as this week's JackInTheBox pick goes, there are a lot of bottom dwellers with low ownership numbers to choose from. Ever since the first DGW a few weeks ago, the number of differentials seems to have risen as the DGW players were scooped up in droves and the homogenization factor kicked in. 

"If you were smart, Walt, you would choose a Crystal Palace player this week" is what I hear you all saying. Double game-week, half decent fixtures, still fighting for their Premiership lives, blah blah blah blah blah. At the beginning of the week, Puncheon looked like he had picked himself, but I'm not gonna go all bandwagon-y up in the hizzy. Not today. Instead, I'm going with a personal preference.

For me, when I take the #FPL / #DGW angle out of the equation, this gameweek is all about one fixture. That's right, the granddaddy of them all...Fulham-Norwich. It's the great white Craven Cottage hope hosting the torpedoing (Jake, find me a torpedo cartoon!) Canaries from Norwich City. Norwich hold the distinguished honor of being tied with Jose Mourinho as my biggest FPL/JackInTheBox disappointment of the season. I think I've picked a Norwich player 3 (maybe 4?) times this season, with a late match rattling of the post by Howson being the closest I've come to a success. In all fairness, it was a fantastic shot ;)


This week it's simple. After last week's thriller breathed some life into a comatose Fulham side, I want them to win again. It will ramp up the excitement factor at the bottom of the table even more, watching old-man Magath jump up and down again would be really cool (Jake, find me a Mr. Magoo cartoon!), and most importantly, our buddy SamsonMcMuffin, who will be taking it all in from his Craven Cottage seat, will entertain us all with joyful banter and match-day jubilation.

Holtby is a good player, highly involved, capable of springing a JackInTheBox-like surprise on us at any moment, and thanks to the combination of the moderate price reflecting his exceptional talent and his presence on a relatively weak team, his ownership is a laughable 0.3%. When the gameweek is over, I want those 0.3%ers to be hootin' and hollerin'. And I hope they're all Fulham supporters too.

Good luck this week everybody.