Saturday, 12 April 2014

FPLH & Friends Battle Royal Competition 2014

Hi all, with only a few Gameweeks to go I thought it best to fit in one final FPL-related competition.  It is inspired by the popular battle royal contests.  In addition, it rings true with our motto of "Form is key. Class doesn't matter".  Here's how it will work:

There is no league per se, rather a list of teams.
It will start in Gameweek 35 and end on Gameweek 38.
No prizes are up for grabs (just for fun and bragging rights!).
Each Gameweek the lowest scoring entrants will be eliminated.
Your scores will not roll over, so you need to consistently do well.
If you take hits your score will be deducted, i.e. scoring 70 but taking a -4 hit = 66.
It will operate on a invitation-only basis, primarily for Pundits and some of my followers.

Example format:

GW35: 64 Entrants - Top 32 scores progress to GW36.
GW36: 32 left - Top 16 scores progress to GW37..
GW37: 16 left - Top 8 scores progress to GW38..
GW38: 8 left - Overall winner will be the highest scorer in GW38.

To be considered for entry, please email your team link via fplhints(at)  For instance my team link is as follows:

I must receive team links, affiliated Pundit account and names/Twitter handle by Thursday 17th April (11pm BST).

Example information:
FPLHints Team.
Chief @FPLHints

As stated, this is an invitation only competition.  Sincere apologies if you miss out this year.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this post, email me or tweet me!