Friday, 11 April 2014

#CalledIt Differential Pick - GW34

Another double game week (and still not the last one of the season) will make sure that the majority of the teams will homogenize even more (if that is even possible) in the last couple of GWs. I assume that the majority of the managers will stock up on Manchester City and Everton assets while throwing in a random Sunderland and/or Crystal Palace player. Which leaves us with a dilemma on our hands. Do we:

  1. "block" the majority by getting the "right" DGW players (Yaya, Zabaleta, Coleman, Lukaku and to a lesser extent the likes of Silva, Džeko and Agüero, etc) or
  2. risk it and go for the differential and realize that it can go either way
You know me, I am going for number 2, however not forgetting that, at least to a certain extent, I need to adhere to number 1 as well. Last week's #CalledIt pick Christian Eriksen is a great example of what a good player can do on a good day in a single GW and how not all double game weeks will deliver as big as the previous one. With Eden Hazard most likely out for a couple of games, managers are all of a sudden presented with a great opportunity to bring in a midfielder that let's them get Kun Agüero as well. Tempting? Sure is.

So, who am I tempted to bring in for the injured Hazard as part of the "blocking" plan? Well, here's the shortlist:
  • Aaron Ramsey (ARS) - great fixtures, will need to see how he does against Wigan. His ownership is actually much smaller than 19,4% with all the ghost ships owning him. Actually, I think I will turn to Arsenal players a lot in the remainder of the season (Özil anyone?)
  • Adam Lallana (SOU) - needs to even up his game with J-Rod out but has a very high ownership
  • Juan Mata (MUN) - appears to have found his form and with his DGW, he sure seems like a good option
But getting back to the differentials. Let's face it, with 5 GWs remaining, each mistake will cost you dearly and each good differential will undoubtedly boost your rankings. And by golly, I can't think of a better under 5% ownership differential for the DGW than Samir Nasri. He has one goal and three assists in the last four games and appears to be safe from rotation.

Think about it - if Agüero is back indeed, Yaya is off penalties. With all due respect to the great season he has been having, this just might prove to be a deal breaker. Silva (a great differential still as he has only 10.8% ownership) is playing with an ongoing ankle problem and I wouldn't be surprised if he is rested for the Sunderland game. Agüero is back, but is he really back? The question you need to ask yourself is are you willing to spend 12.0m on him immediately? I am not. Therefore, I would believe Samir Nasri is actually one of the best options for this DGW*. And he gets my #CalledIt nod for GW34.

* Disclaimer: my Manchester City coverage consists of Kompany, Silva and Džeko.