Friday, 21 March 2014

#FlyBuy - DGW31

Last weeks pick flopped. It was as simple as that. A lot of FPL managers put their faith in Romelu Lukaku, and without sounding overly smug (difficult when I actually selected him as my FlyBuy pick), I hate to say I told you so.

His lack of gametime since GW22 confirmed my suspicions. That said, as regular readers will know by now, FlyBuy is not just a "one-off" pick; it is a player who I suspect has the potential to go on a run. The DGW for Everton means Lukaku remains a popular transfer choice and one I have deliberated over going with myself. But I've decided not to, and keep faith in the in-form J-Rod in my own team. He may be only playing once in DGW31, and away at Spurs, but I think he will stay amongst the points.

So, onto this mega-gameweek and my choice for FlyBuy has to be someone whose team is playing twice, right? Right.

Someone who used to be a must-have for FPL managers, but who nobody in their right mind would touch with a barge pole this season, right? Right.

Someone with stats of scored 11 and assisted 7 last season, but whose figures of 0 and 0 this season make for painful reading, right? Right.

Someone who cost £8.5m as the start of this season, but whose value has plummeted to just £7.7m at the time of writing, right? Right.

Interestingly, this still puts his price at £0.4m HIGHER than he reached last season, despite his ability to rack up big points.

But that was at his old club, his value increased for no other reason than this season he joined the League Champions (stop laughing at the back!).

I refer of course to the man with the craziest hair in the Premier League, Andy Carroll. No, wait, his is the stupidest hair in the League.

No, this honour goes to Man Utd midfielder, Marouane Fellaini. A terrible first season in a terrible team. But his return to the midfield has impressed many in his 3 appearances recently. A season hampered by injury and trying to fit into a misfiring team has seen his opportunities and his confidence suffer.

But I predict he will score big against West Ham, and he could well make the difference in the Manchester derby. Crazy talk, right? Right. I've been up since 4am and the strong java is kicking in.

However, what if I'm right? You'll be kicking yourself if I am; but I don't think anyone is going to be rushing to bring Fellaini in even after reading this. But what if you need a differential? Surely he's worth considering? Currently owned by just 3.5% of FPL managers (many of which will be ghostships who got him in for GW1 I imagine).

Man Utd will be buzzing after their unexpected progression in the Champions League, and could get through this DGW on adrenaline alone.

It's worth considering...

By the way, I couldn't find a clip of Fellaini scoring league goals in a Utd shirt, so watch this instead and let it get your juices flowing for this incredible double gameweek!!!