Friday, 7 March 2014

#GW29 - FlyBuy

Still got laptop issues, so in order to make sure I can at least contribute something onto the Blog, I'm attempting this post from my iPhone. Hope it works!

As we all know, GW29 severely limits our options and many managers will be fielding under strength teams, or taking points hits that they could live to regret. It could be an ideal time for a differential to come good and help you gain precious positions or a climb up your mini-league.

Which brings me on to this weeks FlyBuy pick. As you know by now my selection is a player who - for one reason or another - has been staying out of the points for a while. My parameters are that he MUST be from a team placed between 5th and 15th before the GW starts, and who is owned by between 3% and 20% of FPL managers.

I've had a mixed return since starting this feature, but remember: FlyBuy isn't just a "one game wonder" pick. I'm trying to identify a player who has the potential to go on a run and pick up points over more than one GW.

I've looked at the teams playing this week and considered a few options. But one name shone out above the rest to me. There is a reason for this.

Not only do I own him, and have done for a while, but he is my sole striking hope upfront this week. With the SAS not playing everything is pinned on this dude, and he has been out of the points for faaaar too many weeks now!

But I predict a return to form, starting with a goal away to Crystal Palace tomorrow.

Ladies and gentlemen, I urge you to invest in the man I know as J-Rod, but you may know better as Southampton forward, Jay Rodriguez!