Thursday, 27 March 2014

GW32 FPL #JackInTheBox

Well, the unique and crazy phenomenon that was DGW31 is now behind us. Whether you ended up on the right or wrong side of the green arrow differentiation line, you are probably shaking your head wondering if anything like that will ever happen again. I wish I knew the answer.

The good news is that we all enter GW32 with 7 more gameweeks left to move in the direction we wish to go. Still time to make up some ground if DGW31 left you shaking your head or shouting words out loud that you previously had only heard in an R-rated movie or two.

For GW32 I'm going with a #JackInTheBox pick that last year would have seemed crazy, strange and almost inconceivable. Finding themselves in the bottom 8 is surprising enough, but also finding this particular player with 5.0% or less FPL ownership (exactly 5.0 at the time of writing) would have been unheard of at this time last year.

FPL GW32 #JackInTheBox: Miguel Michu

Michu has gone from one of the absolute must-have FPL assets to an all but forgotten FPL prospect in about the same amount of time that David Moyes has gone from a well-respected manager getting the most out of the little talent he had to an incompetent tactician squandering the talent that coasted comfortably to the EPL crown last year. But, just like Moyes is the same person who calmly guided Everton to levels perhaps above their fighting weight, Michu is the same person who took the EPL by storm last season and had FPL managers drooling every time he set foot on the pitch.

With a juicy home fixture against a Norwich side fighting for respectability, I favor the recently healthy Michu to push, fight and nudge his way onto the scoresheet, despite the troubles he's faced this season with his fitness. After all, if flashbacks to the vision of him singlehandedly beating Arsenal last season do not readily come to mind, a quick check of last year's stats will tell you pretty quickly that Michu was the breakout star of the season, making early-investing FPL managers look like geniuses while everyone else scrambled late to get a little piece of the Michu-sized pie.

This weekend I will be looking for some of that spark that caught everyone's eye last year and had a good portion of Wales buzzing with excitement, promise and pride.

Miguel Michu; it's time to shine once again. Do me proud.

Good luck this gameweek everyone,