Friday, 28 March 2014

#CalledIt Differential Pick - GW32

Last week's get-together in London with Chief (@fplhints), Fly (@Meet_the_Gadfly) and Fantasy Yirma (@FantasyYIRMA) proved to be a blast! We met some fellow #FPL managers on the way (you know who you are), agonized over bad transfer decisions (hi Fly!), screamed from the top of our lungs when captain Suarez completed his bashing of Cardif City (hi Chief!) and compared our meeting to Comic-Con convention (hi, Fantasy YIRMA!). What did I do? Well, my GW was as bad as the Luton airport I flew back home from and WizzAir service that got me there. Never again. None of them.

But back to London. While I am no stranger to London (I have spent a month there at the young age of 18 unlocking the beautiful secrets of the wonderful language that is English), I must admit that it again took me by surprise. It's the little things. The smell and draft of the subway. The double-decker buses in Piccadilly Circus. The separate faucets for cold and warm water (this one still baffles me). The fact that I was freezing my ass off and paraded through Piccadilly Circus wearing my winter jacket, a warm pair of gloves and a hat, while there seemed to be many younger people who wore only t-shirts, shorts, mini skirts and seemed to be just fine. Maybe I am just old?

Anyway, so there we are, waiting for the 3 pm matches to begin and I wonder which game will be televized. Amused and with question marks hovering over their heads, the guys explain to me that it is illegal for 3 pm games to be televized in the UK. Say what? A joke? Apparently not. And while I have had a week to chew on this, I still can't fathom it. It just seems so odd that the games are being played and all of UK is watching a guy watching the games and commenting on what is happening. Absurd if you ask me. We get all of them back home...

Getting back to business, though. With the craze of GW31 finally behind us, we have two whole weeks of normal play and I, for one, am really looking forward to that. While the DGWs are making the headlines throughout the FPL community, managers seem to be forgetting or neglecting the teams battling relegation. With 7 GWs remaining, the time to jump on that opportunity is now. The team that my #CalledIt pick for GW32 comes from is currently hovering 5 points over the relegation zone, which probably makes them at least a bit nervous. I would be surprised to see them coming even close to that last three spots as I imagine they will pick it up, but perhaps just enough to give them a spark. And what better way to do that than to welcome back the guy who took the league by storm last year, scoring 18 goals and dishing out three assists. Sure, he is just coming back from injury and has yet to complete 90 minutes, but he played 62 minutes vs Arsenal in mid-week and had three shots and one chance created. He is not cheap by any means, but with a kind fixture list until the end of the season and with something to prove (not to mention a proven pedigree) he could be your man. #CalledIt pick for GW32, Miguel Michu.

P.S. Bony, at 7.1m and 5,8% ownership has scored 8 goals in PL in 2014. Cough, cough, hint! ;)