Friday, 7 March 2014

GW29 FPL #JackInTheBox

I just did a double-take while typing the title to this blog post. Gameweek TWENTY-NINE!  Only 10 more gameweeks left in our FPL season.  I don't whether to laugh or cry.  It's been a long season, that's for sure, but only 10 gameweeks left!?!  Wow.

So are you ready for Gameweek Junior?  Little tiny, itsy bitsy GW29 is coming at us tomorrow with all the raging fury of a short, wimpy sun shower that will dissipate in front our very eyes before many of us even realized it had started.  5 fixtures, all in one day, showcasing 4 top 10 squads and 6 squads scratching and clawing away for their Premier League lives.

It's actually a #JackInTheBox Fixture Fest, as 6 of the bottom 8 will be involved without all of the pomp and circumstance normally reserved for the bigger, more internationally acclaimed squads.  For a few short hours, 6 of the bottom 8 will bask in the spotlight, trying to do their FPL owners proud.  West Brom is going to kick things off in the early game when they welcome Manchester United to town.  West Brom have been something of a hex to the reigning champions lately. Who can forget King Romelu's hat trick in Sir Alex Ferguson's last game in charge last season; and the unlikely West Brom victory at Old Trafford earlier this year where all sorts of long-standing records were snapped in half like little twigs?

In other fixtures, we have the BIG six-pointer that is Cardiff-Fulham, and the other equally juicy six-pointer involving Norwich and Stoke City.  Crystal Palace, the remaining bottom 8 squad, are in action at home vs Southampton.

GW29 FPL #JackInTheBox: Victor Anichebe

With performances of 7,5,7 and 5 points in his last 4 fixtures (a stat generously supplied by @arshifpl11) Anichebe is begging for a start.  But even if Pepe Mel decides otherwise, the form on his side says 90 minutes aren't necessary to put up some points against a Manchester United side that is having a lot of fingers pointed and questions being thrown in their direction.  I will keep a very interested eye on the two six-pointers on display during the weekend, but this fixture will also weigh heavily in my thoughts as the world watches Manchester United every week not knowing whether the implosion will continue or if things will finally start to point in the right direction.  Either way, it's gonna be a great Junior Gameweek.

I hope you all have had fun scrapping together your GW29 squad, and I wish you all well.