Thursday, 20 March 2014

DGW31 FPL #JackInTheBox

It's all about the "D"

That's right; it's right there in the title. This is not GW31...this is DGW31; and the "D" stands for DOUBLE. And not just any double; we're talking 10 EPL teams have 2 separate fixtures this gameweek. It is the possible points-fest and rank-climbing bonanza that over 3,000,000 people have been raving about, planning and plotting for, and anticipating for the better part of a month and a half. And it's HERE; right around the corner.

I mean come on, it's all everyone's been talking about and in my humble experience, it is the single most anticipated and talked-about gameweek in the three years I've been playing the game. I really hope it ends up being worthy of all the hub-bub that has gone into it and all of the point hits that have been taken in people's efforts to take advantage of it.

So as far as this week's #JackInTheBox is concerned, I'm going with both my head and my heart. And you bet your "you know what" that I'm going with a DOUBLE. So that gives me Sunderland (away to Norwich and away to Liverpool) and Hull City (home to West Brom and away to West Ham) to choose from. In the past I've chosen players from both squads as my #JackInTheBox, most recently last week when I handed Fabio Borini an armband that he made me proud with despite not getting on the score sheet.

DGW31 FPL #JackInTheBox: Nikica Jelavic

My head says go with someone looking at the chance for DOUBLE delights; and my heart says Jelly is the man to grace with the armband. My early DGW31 planning had me salivating over the thought of bringing him in as a high potential differential; but bringing Nasri into my side instead of Yaya opened the door for King Romelu to take Jelly's spot. In all honesty I would be completely happy with either, and despite being wrong many, many times, I have this feeling that people bringing Jelly into their squads for the WEST DOUBLE will be very glad they did. I certainly hope he makes me happy as a result of pinning my #JITB hopes on his shoulders.

Enjoy it everyone. I hope the big DGW lives up to the fantasies that we've all had about it. I think there will be some significant mini-league and overall ranking shakeup when we all come up for air, despite the "template" DGW squad that many people seem to be lining up with. If ever there was a week where differentials would make a big difference; this is it. GOOD LUCK. Let the chips fall where they may;)