Friday, 14 March 2014

#FlyBuy - GW30

A good return for last weeks #FlyBuy pick which was Southampton's Jay Rodriguez (J-Rod). He ended his drought of no goals in 4 games prior to GW29 as predicted.

He scored and picked up all 3 Bonus Points on offer to provide a healthy return of 9 Points to those of you who had him in your team. Like me. Which was a relief with the limited fixtures GW29 offered.

To be honest, it was these 9 Points from J-Rod (and the 10 Points I unexpectedly got from Jordan Mutch) that led to me personally racking up a respectable 56 Points when I was anticipating far less.

J-Rod will hopefully continue to gather up points this weekend when Southampton face Norwich at home. And to be honest, that is the point of FlyBuy; not just a "one week wonder". Hopefully I am selecting players that may have been out of the points for one reason or another (injury, poor form, tough fixtures etc) who can go on a run.

When I select a player, I tend to think about a projected period of approx. 5 GW's. I think I need to go and have a look at the Stats to see if I am proving successful with this. I hope to produce a quick article next week to post here on the Blog to see how this is working out.

So, onto this week. GW30 sees FPL return to some semblance of normality before things are shaken up with the DGW coming up in GW31. And probably GW34. And GW37. Opportunities to get these postponed fixtures are few and far between and the general consensus is that these are where they will be slotted in.

I need to choose a player who ideally will take advantage of a couple of these DGW's. Someone who more was expected of this season, but who has not quite hit the mark. My pick is someone who I have had my eye on as a potential pick and I was just waiting for him to return from injury.

Despite having all his hair cut off, I don't think this will have the same effect as when Samson lost his. For those not familiar, Samson was a biblical figure who had supernatural powers, until his hair was cut off. Without it he was powerless.

Not so with my FlyBuy pick. He faces relegation battlers Cardiff  at home this weekend, before a DGW consisting of a home again against the other Welsh team in the EPL (Swansea) and a potentially tricky match away at Newcastle.

I refer, of course, to on-loan striker Romelu Lukaku. Injured since the start of the year, he made a 32 minute cameo appearance in GW28 coming off the bench to score. Currently owned by 13.4% of managers and with Everton sitting in 7th place in the League, he satisfies the FlyBuy parameters ideally.

He is my top transfer target after this GW where I aim to sell J-Rod to put the Big Belgian into my squad for the DGW and beyond.

Let's just hope he engages "Beast Mode" and scores the points we all know he is capable of.

Make sure you take a look at this bizarre offering of a song and video about Romelu "Tank" Lukaku.