Thursday, 1 May 2014

GW37 FPL #JackInTheBox

I pick guys from the bottom 8
Whose ownership is low
We call the guy #JackInTheBox
But all this stuff, you know

I've used my head, I've used my gut
But neither has produced a score
I wish that I'd be cheering but
My recent run is 0 for 4

I can't recall my last success
I'm old, my memory stinks
I've really got to fix this mess
Come on Walt; think think THINK!

For now I will not scream or yell
Try not to get real pissed
I log back in to FPL
And check the fixture list

West Brom, Villa, Sunderland
They all sit on that bubble
And golly gee what do you know
They each will have a double!

Two chances each for points of three
Avoid their biggest fear
Make sure that all their fans will see
The Prem again next year

Pepe, Pauly, and Poyet
Backed up against the wall
Just how high will each one get
Will any of them fall?

In truth they've all a decent chance
And all are safe for now
They all will want to stay this way
But who will score, and how?

Of all the three with doubles here
The Black Cats must feel free
For just about the whole darn year
They sat in bottom 3

Yet here they are with game in hand
Three other teams below
They must be feeling pretty grand
With 3 games left to go

This little kid has saved their butts
This week it is my honour
To pat him on the back on say
"Here's your armband, Connor"


Good luck this gameweek everyone; it's a BIG'N!!