Thursday, 1 May 2014

#FlyBuy - DGW37

So here we are; only a couple of weeks from the end of another fascinating FPL season before we switch our footballing attention to South America for the World Cup.

But before we do, we have the small matter of what could be a season defining double gameweek to get through, followed by all of the drama of the last day of the season. Personally, I'm not happy with the DGW coming so late in the day. Many managers already have near identical team's, and it will get worse this weekend. 

The "Giggs Effect" at Manchester United means managers will be taking points hits to ensure full representation by their players - a situation almost unthinkable only a couple of weeks ago! If you recall, my FlyBuy pick for last week was Danny Welbeck. My reasons proved correct, Giggs did indeed start him, but he was kind of overshadowed by the points returns from Rooney and Mata. BUT - don't forget, FlyBuy ISN'T just a "one week pick" so Welbzzzz still has an opportunity to prove himself worthy of a place in your DGW team. Don't rule him out, that's all I'm saying...

I need a pick for this week though. It will have to be from a DGW team in order to maximise potential points returns. I won't go with Man Utd again though. And I can't go with Man City (remember my parameters - 5-15th placed team with ownership stats between 3-20%)
That also rules out Sunderland and Aston Villa. Which leaves West Brom or Hull. The former have exactly 0 players owned by more than 3% (making Dorrans or Amalfitano EXCELLENT differentials by the way) and Hull have two away games and one eye on the FA Cup Final meaning any players that did satisfy the FlyBuy criteria very unappealing (Harper, McGregor, Davies, Chester, Huddlestone, Rosenior and Livermore if you were wondering...)

All this means is that I lied to you before. I AM going to go with a Man Utd player for the second week in a row. This time though, in a break from the norm, I am going to go with a pick for his potential DEFENSIVE points, rather than the offensive returns. 

United always look more solid with this guy in the back four than when they are without. And they are going to be without in exactly 3 games time. Interestingly, the longest consecutive run of games he has played this season was 5 at the very beginning of the campaign. Only appearing sporadically since then, could his absence have contributed to the downfall of United and of Moyes?

Who knows? But he's back now under Giggs and returned with a clean sheet (although it was only Norwich and the media frenzy following that result was a little farcical in my humble opinion!) And so, I predict 2 clean sheets and maybe even a farewell Old Trafford goal for my FlyBuy pick for DGW37 - Nemanja Vidic.