Friday, 2 May 2014

Chief's FPL Team - Double Gameweek 37

Disclaimer: *FPLH reserves the right to change this team at any time. Any changes will most likely be confirmed on FPLH's Twitter account.




I progressed to the Dugout Champions League Final by 1 point.  A mish mash of how I feel:

Just a shame that I captained Rambo instead of Rooney, but you can't win them all. Right, Rocky?

The DGW 37 Temptations:

Value for money at £4.3M and has a bit of form on his side.  WBA have DGW fixtures.  The only problem is that their games aren't easy & they have not much to play for.

Despite being listed as a defender he occasionally plays as a midfielder too.  Has easy DGW fixtures, but I didn't fancying taking a -12 hit to bring him in when I could buy Mata for -8.

I could have easily replaced Suarez for Dzkeo, but that would have meant no Y. Toure. City need goals and if it isn't Aguero or Y. Toure scoring, it will be Dzeko at the double!

The DGW 37 Transfers:

With one final DGW of the season, I'm treating my penultimate selection as one final chance to knock up a good GW score.  I didn't want to simply settle for a template team and was willing to add a risk or two.  Sure Mata and Y. Toure are musts for this DGW, which is why I bought them.  But I could have only done so by selling Suarez.  I tried so many different combos, but the Uruguayan wouldn't fit in (I may re-buy him if Liverpool are still in the title hunt come GW38.  I think Liverpool will win v Palace, but it won't be by a cricket score.  I decided to buy Wickham due to a number of reasons.  At the time of purchase he was owned be less than 1% (a "Super Differential"), has super form on side (scored recently at the Etihad AND Stamford Bridge) & he is dirt cheap (Sub £5.0M).  Alas, my plans were scuppered by the Rooney injury new on Thursday night.  I thought about a -12 hit to sell Rooney, but I don't think it's worth it if Rooney is fully fit to play in United's second DGW match (v Hull).  Other than that I have sufficient DGW cover at hand.

The Captain:

Of course, pre-injury news, it was going to be Rooney.  My other options were Aguero and Y. Toure but you just don't know who will rack up their goals/points.  In the end, I came back to United.  They still have an outside chance of a Europa League spot & Giggs will be looking to win their remaining matches.  Mata may have been a sub in Gigg's first match in charge, but he has impressed enough that he should start v Sunderland.  It's not beyond the realms of possibility for Mata to chip in with a goal or two over two matches (both at home).  After all, he will be looking to impress so that he can make it into Spain's World Cup squad.

The Personal Competitive Context:

Last GW was dire in terms of points.  I only scored 40 after my -4 hit and picked the wrong captain.  But it doesn't matter as I made it to the Champions League final!  What's interesting is that #TeamFPLH could end up with a UNIQUE QUADRUPLE when factoring in the following

Fly could win the Pundits League. 
Matej (or Walt) could win the Pundits Cup.
Walt is still in with a shout to win the Battle Royal.
I can still win the Champions League!

Even if we don't win our competitions, it doesn't matter as we enjoy FPL regardless... 



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