Saturday, 10 May 2014

#CalledIt Differential Pick - GW38

"May I be frank?"

"Sure Frank!"

Hahaha, classic. :)

Any clue where this is from*? No worries if you are totally stomped with this, it just means that you are most likely in your late 20s (or younger) or that you didn't get many silly American movies where you're from. Still, to answer the question posed at the beggining, i.e. to be completely frank, I AM glad that the season is almost over. While I will probably post another article where I will disect the first season of being an amateur pundit-wannabe (who said that Yaya can't keep it up, DOH stupid!), suffice to say that it is much different from lurking in the shadows, soaking in the knowledge of the big FPL guys and focusing solely on my team (basically what I did last season). I loved every minute of it, but man, am I glad it's GW38 time. So, who do we got as the pick?

Well, this guy was supposed to be the ace up the sleeve at the beginning of the season of many FPL legends such as current champion Matthew Martyniak and another FPL great Julian Zipparo, but he just never really lived up to the hype. That is, until now. 2 goals and 2 assist in the last four games and 7 bonus points show a glimpse of what he is capable of and with a personality that is kind of reminiscing of that of a certain Mario Balotelli, he just might go all crazy in the last week and score a hat trick. Impossible? Probably, but hey, I've seen weirder things happening. Who is that guy? 

Enter Marko Arnautović, #CalledIt for game week 38. Given that his ownership is currently at 0.7%, you are safe to assume that almost no one in your mini league has him and will be a great differential this week in your hopes of gaining that few extra points you might be off at the moment. Good luck, I am bringing him into my team as well.

#CalledIt over and out. At least for this season.

* Naked gun. Hilariously stupid. Or just stupid. Depends when you watch it.