Saturday, 10 May 2014

Chief's FPL Team - Gameweek 38

Disclaimer: *FPLH reserves the right to change this team at any time. Any changes will most likely be confirmed on FPLH's Twitter account. 


I tumbled from 18k to 31k in the penultimate GW of the season. I can sulk OR feel like this:

Nostalgia & apt as it's also a World Cup year!
(Note - Fast forward the first 30 seconds).

The GW 38 Temptations:

Everton technically have nothing to play for. But Hull may be fielding a B-team in their final PL fixture of the season with the FA Cup Final in mind. It's Lukaku's last match for Everton and didn't he score a hat-trick at the stage last season?

He sort of made up for that "slip" against Chelsea by nicking in with some assists in DGW37. Liverpool will be looking to romp home with a big win v NUFC and will be hoping that City get hammered by West Ham.

Sherwood brought him in from the cold and helped him rediscover his scoring boots. Adebayor will be looking to sign off in style and help Spurs seal the remaining Europa League spot by scoring a goal or two.

The GW 38 Transfers:

3 of the 4 players I sold on the eve of DGW37 did well and scored good points! That, along with a -12 hit (I bought Vidic at the last minute), proved to be costly for my team. To top it all off my team was hit by injuries/rotations (Rambo, Rooney & Azpi were no shows), oh and yes I captained Mata, when I should have given the armband to Y. Toure.  Enough of those knockdowns and let's look at GW38... It's usually notorious for big players being rested and random players being given game time. With this in mind, I decided to only buy players who still had something to play for and were playing at home against questionable opposition. I decided to re-buy Suarez (I shouldn't have sold him last week) as LFC are still mathematically still in the title race and he will be looking to break the PL scoring record.  My second transfer was for his teammate - Sterling. Liverpool will be looking to win with by a cricket score for their fans and he will be integral to their brand of free-flowing football on Sunday.

The Captain:

If Aguero wasn't blighted by hamstring injuries, I may have opted for him.  After all he scored that famous Championship winning injury time winner v QPR in 2012. I have retained him, but instead have given the armband to Suarez.  He will be looking to end Liverpool's PL campaign on a high and if anyone will score a hat-trick on Sunday it will be the Uruguayan.  

The Personal Competitive Context:

Despite having a horrific DGW37, I actually took a +7 lead in leg 1 of my Champions League final! While I had a rocky DGW37, The Fly took a huge lead in the Pundits League and is on course for an outright win!  Sadly, Matej lost his Pundits Cup match and Walt got Rumbled out of the FPLH Battle Royal 2014.  However, Walt got through to the Pundits Cup final! While we can't do the collective Quadruple, we are still on course for the Manchester United-esque League, Cup and Champions League Treble!


And finally...

As some of you may have heard via Twitter, I am due to semi-retire as a "Pundit" from August onwards.  The blog will carry on and I may still post my team from time-to-time, but you will get less hints from me - it will be a re-jigged format.  I will have a think as to what service we will provide after the World Cup.  

Special thanks to this season's regular FPLH writers, as follows:

Matej - The Cool One.

Walt - The Zany One.

Fly - The Cheeky One.

Dolphin - The Statto One.

Bantasy - The Comic One.

(Also thanks to our #SpacePick & #DiamondGeezer contributors!) 

PS - I am due to post my usual all-season summary & stats after GW38 (but before the World Cup).  Stay tuned for them!