Friday, 2 May 2014

#CalledIt Differential Pick - GW37

It was going to be a pretty dull end to the #FPL season. A double game week for both Manchester clubs would have probably meant you had stacked your team with three players from both Manchester teams (the likely candidates Ag├╝ero, Yaya and Nasri or your choice of MCFC defender and Rooney, Mata and one of MUFC defenders), added a pinch of differential with a West Brom player (Amalfitano) and/or Sunderland players to the nucleus that already included Mannone, et voila! Pretty boring when you think about it, right, considering most teams already look pretty much alike?

Enter news on Wayne Rooney.

"He has a bug & a tight groin too. But Wayne being Wayne, he wants to play."

Yes! The factor of uncertainty comes in. What does that mean? Will he feature or not at all? Will he play on Saturday? Or at least on Tuesday? No way of telling. What about RVP? No clue either (by the way, if you need to gamble big, go get RVP and captain him - the best possible differential out there, if he does indeed play). So, what do you do with that 3rd striker spot?

Well, what about a guy who is cheap like hell, completely unproven, no pedigree and has probably had the best month of his life (football wise) in April, one he is not expected to repeat EVER? Five goals, one assist and eight bonus points in the last three games. 5 GOALS! Make that two against M-a-n-c-h-e-s-t-e-r C-i-t-y! You can say whatever you want about the guy and his game, but that has to account for something. Still fighting relegation, has a double game week and one of those games is coming against West Brom. What do you say?

"Can I have 1x Connor Wickham to go, please? How much is that? Only 4.7m? Hold on, let me get my coin purse..."

Connor Wickham, #CalledIt for GW37.