Friday, 9 May 2014

#FlyBuy - GW38

Well, here we are then; Gameweek 38. For me, this season has been a sprint, not a marathon. It only seems like a couple of weeks ago I was tinkering with my FPL team prior to the start of the season, trying to work out which Chelsea and Aston Villa players to put in for DGW1 (Hazard (c), Cech, Azpilicueta (DNP) and Bentekkers if you were wondering).

FlyBuy made its debut in GW17, with the idea of picking a player who, for one reason or another, had not been performing to their potential. I will be providing a full review of FlyBuy next week after the season has ended for those that are interested.

Last week's pick failed if I'm honest. I predicted a spectacular end to the massively successful Premier League career of Manchester United centre-half Nemanja Vidic. Despite a DGW with two home games, he was a massive flop, reflecting the fortunes of his club this season. In hindsight, perhaps this was inevitable.

One more chance to get it right then. And it has to happen in GW38, as time has run out. FlyBuy is normally selected based on a run of games, not just a one-off gameweek, but I've not got that luxury in this final week.

Based on the parameters laid down of a player from a 5-15th placed team, with an ownership percentage of 3-20% I'm going to go for a player who could have the fate of the title in his hands.

He plays for West Ham and he is playing away at Manchester City. It hardly excites does it? Liverpool fans will be relying on old boys Carroll and Downing to provide them with a first ever Premier League crown, but I think if anyone can influence the course of events, it's this guy. Why? Liverpool born and bred, a true scouser from the mean streets of Toxteth.

He's never got anywhere near playing for his boyhood heroes, and it ain't gonna happen now. But he would surely get a statue erected next to Bill Shankly and never have to pay for a beer again in the City of Liverpool for the rest of his life if it ends Man City 0 West Ham 1 on Sunday and he scores that vital goal?

Who is it? None other than February's star FPL player (who has provided nothing since!) KEVIN NOLAN!