Friday, 21 February 2014

GW27 FPL #JackInTheBox

Well, Gameweek 26 was forgettable from a #JackInTheBox point of view.  Wilfried Zaha was shared by Matej and I as both his #CalledIt pick and my #JackInTheBox pick and he came up empty.  He was subbed in the 60th minute, just in time to keep his extra "clean sheet point" during what on paper looks like a snoozefest of a 0-0 draw with Aston Villa.  So we'll put those 3 pts in our pockets, shrug our shoulders, and move on.

With all of the uproar in the #FPL world over the fixture upheaval coming in Gameweeks 28 and 29 and the associated frenzy of FPL managers scratching their heads over how to field a complete squad through the danger zone, although it's been inherently necessary to consider it in your planning, it's also almost been easy to forget that there's actually going to be a Gameweek 27 first. Let's spend a few minutes giving this poor, neglected gameweek some attention. 

The bottom 8 stays the same this week with one exception; West Ham moves out of the #JackInTheBox zone, thanks to a 2-0 spanking put on Norwich, while Hull become eligible once again after their defeat to Southampton last week.  Fixture-wise, there are two juicy fixtures pitting bottom 8 sides against one another; with West Brom hosting Fulham and Cardiff City hosting Hull. Given the Looney-Tunes atmosphere currently making Fulham supporters embarrassed over at Craven Cottage, I do not feel comfortable taking a gamble on a squad that could possibly be tinkered with by a new manager.  Facing their first post-Rene test away from home will actually be a blessing in disguise, but I'm turning my attention to the other "six-pointer", where Vincent Tan knows millions of people will be snickering and sneering at him (and Holy Crap, rightfully so) as his red-shirted Bluebirds host the Hull City Tigers.


Yes, a few of you accurately predicted my pick on the boards today, and for that, I salute you. I just can't shake him as the obvious pick though. Having not had a chance to see Ince play, knowing that Zaha is off limits due to being picked last week, and Holtby being part of that unpredictable Fulham side, I feel comfortable giving Long the coveted armband, as he has proven dangerous recently and has been exhibiting good form.  There's a goal on his foot at any moment, and although I will be fielding Marshall in the net this week with my fantasy squad, Long is screaming out at me as the man of the hour.  Despite Marshall's 11-point haul last gameweek, the loss of Medel to a tear will undoubtedly put more pressure on the Cardiff back line and I expect Hull's reinforced strikeforce to apply pressure, with Long continuing to be the primary danger man.

Click on the video below to witness an ear-cringing version of Shane singing "Wonderwall"; then file it away in your "What the heck was THAT!?!" file.  Just don't forget to celebrate and nod knowingly when he makes me look smarter than I am on Saturday;)

Happy Gameweek27 everyone; and GOOD LUCK!!  Check back after the gameweek ends for my Gameweek Review article, and please don't forget to check out Chief's #HotPick/Punt/Reject article, Matej's #CalledIt post and Fly's #FlyBuy pick.

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