Monday, 10 February 2014

#CalledIt Differential Pick - GW26

My oh my, what have we got here?

#CalledIt pick for GW 23, Wilfried Bony, FINALLY decided to join the party and score a goal. Of course it happened only after I tweeted that I give up on him, turned off the TV and logged off all electronic devices connected to internet, but still. He did score. It wasn't until the next day that I even realized that he actually did, which was a nice surprise.

#CalledIt pick for GW 24, Phillippe Coutinho ALSO decided to join the thrashing of the Arsenal team who looked completely helpless (did I mention I am an Arsenal fan? :/). An assist, 5 points and just missed out on a BP.

#CalledIt pick for GW 25, Jesus Navas, failed as Norwich surprisingly shut down Manchester City. 2 shots on goal with 2 chances created - potential was there, but it appears MCFC misses Ag├╝ero (and a healthy Negredo) much more than they would like to admit.

So, what do we do with GW26? My main man would have to be Silva. A home game against Sunderland and with MCFC in dire need of bouncing back from not one, but two disappointing results, provides the perfect ground for the Spanish playmaker to deliver BIG. He created 6 chances over the weekend and by golly he should get some points this GW. Unless he gets benched. Just out of #CalledIt reach with 5,6% ownership, but that can't stop you from taking him in your team, if you believe he is due a big point haul (which is what I am hoping for).

Who also tickles my interest? For sure Kevin Nolan. I thought he might again face a dip in his performance with Andy Carroll out, but he followed up that brace against Swansea with another brace against Villa. 6.6m and 7.6% means he is out of my #CalledIt league, but could offer good potential with Norwich and Southampton at home in the next two GWs.

Who then gets my #CalledIt voice for GW26? It's easy, Wilfried Zaha. Great talent, good fixtures. Might have not had the best game against Swansea (to say the least), but I believe he will want to bounce back. Need more convincing? Read Walt's article here