Friday, 7 February 2014

#CalledIt Differential Pick - GW25

"WHAT?!" was my response when Chief told me there are only 14 more game weeks to go. How can it be? This time last year I was already sitting comfortably in Top 1000 (or maybe even Top 100, I forget) and now I seem to be stuck between 15k and 25k. But who cares about my woes, right? Moving on.

I've asked my followers over at @CalledItFPL this week whether they plan to play it safe or risk it between now and the end of the season. The answer? RISK IT! Which was great news for me, meaning you all need these differential articles. :)

There are a few familiar (and some not so) faces that come to mind as potential differentials this week. If you LOVE you differentials to stretch as much as possible - Wilfried Bony could be your man. Two blanks, fired head coach (this was a stunner as well) and the "new manager syndrome" just might propel a few past Cardiff this week. Facing him and the Swansea team we have three potential ones - Mutch, Noone and the man who could be a mainstay in my team if he gets 90 minutes this GW - Wilfried Zaha. Providing an assist in 45 minutes of action last GW, he wasted little time to get himself on our radar. 5.4m and 2.4% owned. Sweet.

The list continues with players like Puncheon (just can't seem to mention his name without seeing a ball floating in outer space :)), Paulinho, Long, Jelavic, Eto'o...but this week, this week I mean business. Being handed an extremely rare defeat at home by Chelsea, I expect Manchester City to bounce back with a vengeance. Norwich have been pretty solid at home, but I really think that MCFC will penetrate them. The usual suspects - Yaya, Negredo, D┼żeko, Silva and others are all expected to deliver something, but there are also two who are flying well below the radar. Jovetic, who sadly does not have a guaranteed start yet (so proceed with caution) and my #CalledIt pick for GW25 - Jesus Navas. 4 goals and 6 assists this season so far - I put my faith in him to add some more to his tally this week.