Friday, 7 February 2014

GW25 FPL #JackInTheBox

GW25 FPL #JackInTheBox: Battle of the Walts
You guys are in for a treat this week.  Much like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and much like the devil you have on one shoulder and the angel that sits on the other, I approach this week's JackInTheBox selection with multiple personalities.  That's right; although most of you may very well think that one of me is more than necessary, this week I bring you two Walts.  And unfortunately for me, both of them have what I consider to be a pretty decent argument.  Maybe you can help me decide.  Here, for your reading pleasure, are the two Walts:
Knee-Jerk Walt:  Wilfried Zaha, one of the most exciting players in the entire bottom 8; indeed perhaps the most potentially influential and explosive, sure to have a major influence on one of the most anticipated derbies of the season, subject of intense speculation regarding the offspring of one noteworthy EPL manager, and the guy who set Deadline Day alight with his loan move to Cardiff and upon whose young shoulders a relegation battle has been placed.  No further thought necessary; he's our guy.
Analytical Walt:  Not so fast there, Knee-Jerk Dude.  Cardiff play away to Swansea in what is sure to be a heated derby, and we all know how unpredictable derbies can be, especially when played away from the comforts of home.  Let's look at the rest of the fixtures first.  Fulham play away at United, and the only person on the Fulham side who may earn their keep is their Sports Psychologist, so no thanks.  West Ham play away to Aston Villa.  They have trouble scoring, their main offensive threat is suspended after putting a savage beating on Chico's hair bun, and keeping a clean sheet away from home will be tough, especially with Benteke finding some form.  Crystal Palace play at home to West Brom and are definitely worthy of consideration, especially Jason Puncheon, who is also on good form and has the added benefit of having the possibility of scoring from the spot if he doesn't slip and/or shank it wide and high.  He's also on 4.5% ownership and has enjoyed investment from a number of FPL managers looking for a nice differential in the 5.x price range.
West Brom, Puncheon's opposite number, are playing away and have shown little in the way of offensive threat lately.  I hardly consider them at all.  Norwich play home to City, and the only person at Carrow Road earning their keep will most likely be the scoreboard operator.  Which brings us to the second fixture in GW25 pitting two squads in the bottom 8 against one another: Sunderland at home to Hull City.  Adam Johnson, my #JITB pick from just a few weeks ago, has skyrocketed to 13% ownership after memorable performances including 6 goals in his last 4 fixtures, which leaves Borini as the most likely candidate with only 0.5% ownership.  Ki Sung-Yeung also has performed well.  However, although coming in as the visitors, my mind is set firmly on Hull City and the potentially lethal strike combo of Jelavic and Long.  Both have impressed in previous spells at Everton and West Brom, and quite frankly, the two of them together, in my opinion, instantly transformed Hull City from a squad that most defences didn't stay up too late studying film of, to an attacking duo that could make it difficult for opposing defences to fall asleep at night.
Analytical Walt's biggest problem is choosing between the two.  Both Jelavic and Long are well below the 5.0% ownership threshold.  So....Analytical Walt calls Knee-Jerk Walt back in for a consultation, and Knee-Jerk Walt provides a quick solution.
"Easy.  Jelavic fed Long last week vs. Tottenham.  This week it's Jelavic's turn to score."
And there you have it.  That was easy, huh?