Monday, 27 January 2014

GW23 FPL #JackInTheBox

Well these weekly JackInTheBox picks are getting both easier and harder.  Easier in that the relaxed parameters give me access to the bottom 8 squads in the EPL table and the bottom 8 FINALLY include a couple of squads worthy of a second look and/or a couple of players in decent form who also fit the ownership threshold.  Happy days are here again!

Harder too though, in that I have always wanted to shy away from players already picked by my teammates for fear of "copying" a pick or piggybacking off a successful pick of someone else's. Sometimes I have to fight off my own stubbornness though and realize that the pickings are slim at the JackInTheBox end of the table, and this week, I'm not even considering anyone other than two players who have been in good form, are blessed with good fixtures this week, and surprisingly are still owned by fewer than 5% of #FPL managers.

GW23 FPL #JackInTheBox:  Adam Johnson

So, should I bite the bullet and become the third member of the FPLHints blog team to buy a ticket on the Bony Express?  Nah...I'm a big fan and clearly see him notching a goal or two against Fulham this weekend, but Matej and Fly have both tagged him in their respective weekly picks and out of respect for them, I'm going to keep my hands off.  But only because I think the other player on my radar is capable of finding a way to the score sheet almost as easily (otherwise I would have had to confirm the treble) ;) 

I never thought I'd say this, but Sunderland have really impressed me recently.  These are not DiCanio's misfits who have trouble communicating with one another and need to be forced to sit at the same table together anymore; they are Poyet's Posse and they are hanging tough.  In addition to the chilling excitement of their victory over Manchester United last week, they have looked strong and almost everything thing they've done successfully has run through Adam Johnson, including his crazy hat trick a couple of weeks ago and the goal and assist he followed that performance up with.  He's in good form, has proven to be lethal with both feet, and should be able to be counted on to lead Sunderland's efforts at home vs Stoke on Wednesday.  FPL managers have noticed and have begun scooping him up. I've noticed too; and he's my GW23 FPL JackInTheBox.  If he scores I think I actually may order an Adam Johnson bobblehead ;)

Here's to a good week for all of you WildCarders out there!
Speaking of Wildcards, make sure you check out Chief's article where he unveils his Wildcard team for GW23.  It should be coming out shortly and will surely be one you'll want to read.