Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pick Five Fantasy Football - Liverpool versus Everton

Fantasy Football, and indeed Fantasy games in general, are growing year on year in the UK and Ireland.

This popular trend industry is still some way behind its American cousins where over 30 million fantasy fanatics play each season but the numbers playing are increasing each season.

There are currently over 3 million people making topping leagues, propping up leagues, making transfers and playing wildcards each week.

Fans of twitter will be familiar with the hashtags #fantasyfootball & #fantasyfootballproblems, both of which are very popular.

Given the numbers involved not everyone can be a winner and not everyone can be in content week in / week out. For every 100 points weekend there are ten 22 pointers. It can hard and that’s without throwing in jobs, girlfriends, wives, kids and families.

Here at www.fantasy5live.com we’ve come up with a solution to compliment your love of fantasy football, think of us as the salt & vinegar to your chips, the laces to your shoes, the.. Well, you get the idea.

It’s a simple pick 5 format based on individual games. Just log on to www.fantasy5live.com, pick a game (Don’t panic we cover lots of sports but football is in there) and select the five players you think will make an impact - (Any five, if you think goals go for forwards, if you think clean sheets plump for defenders or mix and match). The scoring format is similar to the everyday league but with higher points.

It’s fun. We engage with our users on twitter @Fantasy5live.com and each game we have a prize, guaranteed.

Our next game is Liverpool versus Everton so check it out.

What some tips?  

Well, this fixture has the most red cards (20) than any other game in EPL history, so might want to watch out for tough tackling midfielders/defenders.

It has goals, only one clean sheet in the last 16 games. It has fearsome strikers, Romelu Lukaku has scored 4 goals in his last four games against Liverpool while Luis Suarez has scored 3 goals in four derby games.

Registration is free, just go to www.fantasy5live.com and sign up. Tonight’s game is sponsored by classic11.com so you could win a £20 voucher, but if not you can always try again.