Monday, 27 January 2014

#FlyBuy - GW23

Oh come on! This is obvious isn't it? Let me remind you of the #FlyBuy parameters:

  • A players from a club currently placed between 5-15th in the Premier League

  • Ownership statistic between 3-20%

  • A player who may be out of form, returning from injury or who just hasn't been performing - but who has the potential to "fly" again.
You've got it now haven't you? There's is ONLY one player it can be!

I can't drag this out any longer...*drumroll*

Juan Mata! Come on down! The price is right! Well, £37.1m is pretty hefty, but it's only a couple of million more than Liverpool paid for Andy Carroll so let's put it into some perspective.

The good news for you, is that he will only cost you a fraction of that to bring him into your FPL team. £9.4m to be exact. But be warned, although his ownership stat is only at 6.3% at the moment, this is going to rise - and rise quickly - if he gets off to a flyer. Over 89,000 managers have brought him in this round already.

The downside is it is unlikely he will play more than a bit part against Cardiff in GW23. But #FlyBuy isn't all about just one week - it has more longevity than that. You should be looking at the potential for a FlyBuy pick to go on a run.

Recent picks have done just that; Leighton Baines in GW21 and Wilfried Bony in GW22. Just check out how popular Bony has become since I tipped him! Not that I can claim credit for THAT particular bandwagon!

So, get on Mata now. He is the epitome of all that FlyBuy represents. It almost doesn't need saying that this is a player who will DEFINITELY recapture his form of old and fly high once more.

Make sure you check out the embedded video. It's worth a watch I promise!