Wednesday, 1 January 2014

#FlyBuy - GW20

Loving this time of year for FPL! The games have come thick and fast with barely a pause for breath. This week sees the first time FlyBuy has been opened up as a competition for you to pit your wits against me. Despite the New Years Eve celebrations, many of you have got involved.

The parameters for the FlyBuy pick are as follows:

  1. Player must be from a current 5th to 15th placed team in the PL
  2. Player must have an ownership percentage of between 3 and 20%
  3. Player must not be an obvious pick; somebody who can potentially "fly"
My choice this week is a guy who had a brilliant season last year, but who hasn't managed to recapture that form this year. However, after returning from an injury lay off that saw him out between GW12-16, I predict he could begin to fly again.

With this awesome graphic from Matej (thanks mate!), my FlyBuy pick for GW20 is: Robert Snodgrass