Monday, 27 January 2014

#CalledIt Differential Pick - GW23


It has come to this - I have created my very own, #FPL-centric Twitter handle. Yes, I know, you must be thinking to yourself: "Oh lord, not ANOTHER FPL account!". If you asked me half a year ago...scratch that, 1 month ago, if I wanted to create an FPL account, my answer would be something in the lines of "Are you insane?". Honestly speaking, god knows that the world doesn't need yet another FPL account. However, my friends and some people who do not follow me because of FPL (Huh? There are people like that? ;) ) have told me that I am annoying a bit at times with all the fantasy football communication. So I decided to oblige them and create a new account - @CalledItFPL

Effectively, this means that as of GW24 I will move the communication related to FPL to my new handle, so make sure you are following it in case you want your daily/weekly dose of FPL from my side. That's it! In the 24 hours since its' inception, I already have 333 followers - Thank You in case you are already one of them, if not, looking forward to you joining!


To start things off, Santi Cazorla proved to be a great #CalledIt pick in GW22 with two goals and 16 points alltogether. I hope you seized your chance and improved your overall and mini-league positions. But, as a wise man once said: "Don't congratulate yourself too much. Or berate yourself either." With that in mind, let's move on quickly. 

This week, I am (again) presented with the abundancy of choices for the #CalledIt differential pick. The matchups that have me thinking are CHE vs WHU, SUN vs STO and SWA vs FUL. And the options? No surprise, after his hat trick in GW22 (and injury to Torres), Samuel Eto'o could potentially be even captain material as Chelsea will be looking to dismantle West Ham. 8.2m and 1.5% ownership make him a great differential. His midweek performance was less than stellar and with Mourinho, who knows who will be starting as the lone forward, so I will look the other way. If you, for some reason, need a differential that no one will have, then he is your man.

Adam Johnson? His three goals and an assist against Fulham didn't impress me enough to consider him as a viable long (or mid) term option. But then he goes and follows that up with a goal and an assist against Southampton. Errrm, really? While I still don't consider him as a viable long-term option (I know, weird old me), he may be a good option this week. 6.6m and 4.9% ownership.

Instead, I am going with Wilfried Bony. Despite Swansea's woes and relegation-fear form, he seems to be in great form lately with three goals in the last three GWs (and 3 in the Cup). And they play Fulham. At home. Midfield problems? Yes. But Bony can deliver out of nothing. We've seen that. I am taking a punt on him as #CalledIt pick for GW23 AND putting him in my Wildcard team.