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Premier League of Pundits; Top 10 FPL List, part 3

Alright've made it through the first two installments of our 3-part series bringing you the Top 10 FPL Sites/Blogs for the 2014/15 season. We're in the home stretch and here's another batch of FPL sites that you simply cannot do without.

If you've found your way here by mistake and have not read Parts 1 and 2; they can be accessed HERE and HERE.

Whenever I think about the Chief and FPL Hints I have to remind myself to tone it down a little. Chief welcomed me to the FPL Twitter community 2 years ago and the bond we share is one I cherish. He is one of the single most astute FPL minds that you will ever find and enjoys nothing more than helping those who smartly seek his counsel. Last year he created a team of FPL contributors that I was fortunate enough to be a part of and the year we had is one that I will never ever forget. To say it has been special is a gross understatement.

Don't let Chief's "semi-retirement" as a pundit fool you; you can be sure that FPL Hints will continue its long-standing tradition of bringing you top-notch content and insight that every FPL manager will soak up and benefit from. As usual, Chief will be posting his team every week and thousands of FPL managers will excitedly wait to see it, as they use this brief glimpse into a brilliant FPL mind to help them construct the moves that they will make for the coming week. He'll also have a stout team of contributing writers who will be dishing out FPL quality week in and week out. Put most simply, Chief is one of the most well-respected people in the FPL community. Share a few tweets with him and you will immediately see why. If you are ever lucky enough to really get to know him, he will make you feel like family.

Here are some quotes from fans other than myself....

Fplhints: my first advisors and the chief is a boss! Calledit the sarcastic one and my fav despo Walt the best weekend laugh and banter @mozzy86

FPLHints of course has the BEST writers and I've enjoyed every article of theirs last season @FPL_Player

And there is fplhints' blog, they have the best writers and the awesome weekly calls such as the very famous matej's #Calledit and all the others! The best thing is their dedication and insane love for the beautiful game!  Matej's *shockingly smart* calls, Fly's brilliance and tactics, Walt's bounce backs, ... What more can you ask for?  @Stranger_53

But if I ignore our own site honestly my favorite is hints! Reason 1: hints got the most friendly and welcoming bunch of FPL pundits! & Reason 2: FPL success path summarized in one line -."Form is key......class doesn't matter" Reason 3: No deep sea of stats that mostly takes your time but FPL wise mostly redundant.....rather hints got good number of short yet handy articles!  @FPL_nOracle

@FPLHints- 'Runs one of the most useful and informative FPL blogs you could ever find on the 'tweetosphere', I never make my changes without reading his blog.' @FPLMaestro

@fplhints - don't read the site as much as i probably should but Geordie Ash has an excellent record and has a good team of writers beneath him for some excellent advice. @markwatts

What's FPL without the Chief and his team @FPLHints home of #JITB #CALLEDIT #FLYBUY and the chiefs own punt, reject, captain picks and his hot pick all helpful in aiding one in selecting your team before the deadline. What I did find through the season my team was similar to the chiefs so I always checked his team out before the GW as he always posted his just so as to see what he was doing different to me. @vicksrama05

And here is a statement from the Chief himself:

"First and foremost, we must remember that FPL is a game.  As with all games, we should remember to have fun.  After all, it's "fantasy" and isn't real!
FPLH was initially put together as a creative outlet, whereby I could write about my adventures in the world of fantasy football and thoughts on potential FPL stars.  Overtime, it has expanded include a sound bunch of award-nominated writers that is complemented with a global following.
We are not experts and provide unofficial hints on a voluntary basis.  We're just a bunch of lads that like Fantasy Football.  FPLH's purpose is to provide free FPL-related hints through our Twitter account and blog. 

We can't promise to pick people's teams or to provide in-depth statistical analysis, but we do like to provide rudimentary advice on which players should be considered and ignored from our perspective.  This is primarily conveyed through our writers hints and our weekly team that is posted up before each GW."

While I'm getting all sniffly, I may as well move on to the other member of my FPL family, my long lost "brother" Ryan and his team at Fantasy Yirma. I am proud and honoured to say that I have become good friends with Ryan over the past few years, and the reason is simple. I don't know anyone who cares more about creating a sense of fun and involvement around the sport and game that we all love.

The Yirma gang have one of the best writers you are ever going to find in Mark Jones. His previews are second to none and he's so good you will also find his material on Bleacher Report and the official Liverpool website if I'm not mistaken. Put simply, this is grade A premium content and if you can believe it; it's only a piece of the bigger puzzle that Fantasy Yirma provides.

Take one quick glimpse through FantasyYirma's Twitter profile and you will immediately see why Ryan is so popular. I cannot name a single other account whose first and foremost priority is engaging people, providing humorous yet relevant football related content to be shared and enjoyed, and simply getting people involved. FPL managers congregate around Yirma because he provides a welcome platform for interaction. He initiates conversations that lure people in and get people talking among themselves so that they can enjoy each other's comments and ADD to everyone else's fun. He truly enjoys what he does and selflessly creates an environment in which the enjoyment of those he engages is more important than his own. Pure class.

Here's what our friends had to say:

Yirma: the name says it all...the dons of Fpl and always available with great insights and weekly polls @mozzy86

Fantasy Yirma:
Started to follow these guys last season, love the banter they come up with. My weekend just wouldn't be the same without a #SoreYIRMA or #ScoreYIRMA!! They also throw in with the fun all the insights I need for FPL from injury updates (with the man I call the FPL doctor Ben Dinnery) to recommendations. Footy chat is included too. Plus anyone that endorses the CPFC cheerleaders gets a follow from me! Great mix of tips, suggestions and fun make them a definite read for me. @McIntoshRosco

@FantasyYIRMA is an excellent account with brilliant articles building one up before the GW ahead. I would put YIRMA up there as they interacted with managers even getting their views and opinions on FPL matters almost on a daily basis and not forgetting their world class banter. @vicksrama

I'd like to say the Fantasy Yirma site is one of the most comprehensive football websites out there. It has high quality FPL content and FPL-related banter alongside brilliant footballing articles. A must visit for football fanatics. @hesham786

And here he is, Mr. Fantasy Yirma himself:

I think it's fair to say, that if you had told me would still be running almost two years after it started I would have chuckled immensely... but it has... we have... and as both the twitter (@FantasyYIRMA ) account and website have continued to grow, it genuinely is a pleasure to be involved in the ridiculously brilliant world of Fantasy Football.

The interaction online from #FPL fans across the world has been fantastic! Our goal now is the same as it was from day one - to try and provide interesting and quality insight and to help create as much interaction around the game as possible. Simply watching the evolution of the game over the past few years as the level of interest continues to grow has been fascinating. 

Best of Luck to everyone for the 2014/15 season from us at FY! 


Following a wildly successful inaugural year in which their much-anticipated site was unveiled to an insatiable FPL community, the Pundits are gearing up for year 2 and have really hit their stride. If you've been around since the World Cup ended you know that these guys are on top form and are really making a strong pre-season push. After hearing about Negredo's injury, I barely had time to think "Wow, Dzeko may be a great FPL option now" before an article appeared from the Pundits addressing the very same subject. Similarly, as I sat here starting to mull over the choice between Costa, Sanchez, or both in my beginning FPL squad, another article appeared which made me start to wonder if someone was reading my mind.

The articles continue to come fast and furious, addressing the very questions that most of us are thinking about as we tinker our little hearts away. I have a feeling that Leon and his team are ready to show us all that the phenomenal success of their first year was just the start of something amazingly special. With popularity continuing to soar through the roof, it won't be long before you start to feel the gravitational pull of their magnetic presence. Just lean back, smile, and go with it. You'll soon see a significant increase in your FPL knowledge and skill and have a stunning array of helpful information at your fingertips.

Here's what the rest of the gang have to say:

What's my favourite FPL website? That's a toughy. There's the veterans of the fpl community, also known as the fantasy football pundits, do I really need a reason? Well, here's 3 reasons!  Their glorious set-piece takers list, Rate my team, and the brilliant articles on their website. @Stranger_53

Has to be Fantasy Football Pundits with their differentials,  @WeAreChelseaFC

Of course. I mainly use FFPundits. Enjoy reading the articles on new signings etc. Feel it gives me the upper hand on my rivals. Without this site and the fpl community I would not be the Fantasy football manager I am today!   @ChrisDowd2013

I like how the fantasy football pundits app works and how the articles are short and quick to the point and is very helpful. Whenever i need to know something about a player or team these are the first places i go. @ChristianTurri

My favourite site hands down is the one belonging @FFPundits, the Fantasy Football Pundits. The reason is simple; it's the site that I enjoyed using the most last season due to content and interaction. I was following Leon when he first started tweeting about #FPL and he has gone from strength to strength. The way that the brand has been created and built up is an inspiration. @fplchihuahua

I also use FFP (Leon's banter is top notch specially after a couple of strongbows) @McIntoshRosco

@FFPundits was one of the first accounts I followed on Twitter with regards to FPL. Helpful guys with a wealth of knowledge features some great guest posts along with the Last minute scramble, hidden gems etc and not forgetting the ever helpful Physio table an added bonus, basically everything under one roof. @vicksrama


Before signing off and sending you on your merry way, there are just a couple more i's to dot and t's to cross. As you can probably guess, many FPL managers enjoy many sites and blogs all at once and provided "general" quotes not necessarily related to one particular site, but touting the Twitter FPL community as a whole or giving a special mention to sites that do not appear on this list but either have earned themselves a loyal following through consistent offerings or have recently started up and are expected to rise in popularity. Those sites and quotes of general appreciation deserve special mention.

Here is one such quote that nicely represents the thoughts of many a member of the Twitter FPL community:

I use all sorts of sites including those you have mentioned and several others! I like to read the different opinions on seasoned experts who have played the game for years with a keen interest in helping others still even when all technically rivals! Excellent for banter and bringing football fans from all over the world together! @jaycarr1984

Specifically, established sites such as TotalFPL, FF Cheat (now back open for business and soon to re-enjoy the popularity it had once established), WhoScored.Com, FFPB, FPLHelp and FPL Dugout all earned mentions and are deserving of a link and a visit.

Additionally, there are a few newer sites out there with a nice bit of momentum and gaining popularity; among those FPLAvids, SimonSaysEPL, and Bantasy Football. Check these sites out now as they each enjoy a solid fan base and are expected to do good things this season and in seasons to come.

Matthew Martyniak - aka @spiderm4tt

Another special account earning significant mention from many in the community is 2012/2013 FPL World Champion Matt Martyniak, aka @spiderm4tt. Not only has Matt earned cult hero FPL status as former World Champion, but since his notable victory over 3 million others his genuine generosity, advice, and overall nice guy-ness has done nothing but increase his popularity and the extent to which FPL managers seek his counsel and enjoy his every tweet. He quite frankly has lived the dream that every FPL manager under the sun wishes they could experience, and he's done it with a respect and appreciation for the game and for those of us clamoring to follow in his footsteps that highlights his humble nature.

As someone whose input and advice is sought by so many, I have decided to publish the quote/statement he has provided separately. And here it is...

There a few FPL sites/blogs I tend look at, but with limited time on my hands I tend to mainly look to my favourite sites - FISO and Fantasy Football Scout.

There is a wealth of FPL knowledge from these two established sites, whether it's from FPL veterans, or FPL newcomers. FISO is the first ever FPL site I discovered - it's my FPL home. It has helped me greatly over the past 8 years with my FPL management. There are a lot of top quality managers on there who will provide FPL help at more or less an instant. 

Fantasy Football Scout is excellent too. They have lots of quality knowledgeable writers there that provide a wealth of FPL information, and it's enjoyable too to read. I particularly like the 'Hot Topics' and 'Articles' sections, which makes it easier to find the daily key FPL points at an instant. Also the new live video Podcasts are great, and fun to watch.

My other favourite FPL sites I've discovered recently are Fantasy Football Pundits, Fantasy Yirma, and the relatively new Fantasy Football 247. These sites provide regular great reliable FPL information, articles, interviews etc - and they are fun too, which is important. @spiderm4tt

He went on to add a kind word about the author of this article but as this article is about others, with apologies to Matt, I have cut it to maintain focus on the sites and blogs mentioned previously (by the way, Thank You Matt).

Okay, there you have it. The Top 10 FPL Sites/Blogs for new and novice FPL managers to sprint to in your quest for that ever-unreachable level of superior knowledge and managerial acumen. At the end of the day, my hope is that you will enjoy these sites, follow those who have generously shared their thoughts, and develop an FPL addiction that you and the other readers of this article can be proud of.

Here they are in summary:


I would like to thank each of the FPL managers who gave their time and effort generously to provide the thoughtful quotes contained in this article, along with the site owners who offered statements despite the ever-increasing demands on their time as the season gets closer every hour and every minute. I want you all to know that, despite the necessity to truncate some quotes for length and/or content, I have done my very best to preserve your quote as closely as possible to its original format and message. I welcome and request the opportunity to answer any questions regarding quotes that have necessarily been shortened or omitted. The camaraderie expressed in your quotes and in your willingness to contribute speaks volumes of the cohesiveness and shared appreciation that we all have for the Twitter FPL community as a whole and for the new managers who we seek to help and incorporate into our fold along the way.

From the Chief, myself, the entire FPL Hints family, we thank you for taking the time to read this article and wish you all the best for the 2014/15 FPL season. We hope to share many a laugh and more than a few cries of anguish together as we navigate the special world of FPL that is soon to take us all on a most marvelous ride.

As my English and European friends like to say, and I like to repeat.... GET IN!!!!

Bonus Points to all,