Sunday, 10 August 2014

Will You Be Infected With Fantasy Football Syndrome?

Here's an amusing news story on the discovery of a new "syndrome" called Fantasy Football Syndrome that targets people like me and you - Fantasy Premier League addicts. The article first published on FanXT blog that tells the 6 symptoms of fantasy football syndrome.

Apparently, the syndrome is far from deadly and in fact, it's almost beneficial for the victims because, playing too much of fantasy football could cause you to win lots of cash prizes. Fantasy football is a game of skill and quite a few fantasy Premier League games out there offer free cash prizes without you needing to pay a single cent. It only needs your effort (addiction, if you might say)

So during the upcoming EPL 2014/15 season, if you starting to watch too much EPL games on TV and losing your sense of attachment to your favourite club, you might just be infected. Not to worry, it's for the best :)

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