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Premier League of Pundits; Top 10 FPL List, part 2

Alright, well let's keep this train chugging along. If for some reason you've found yourself here at part 2 without having read part 1, click HERE to access.

The next site/blog in our 2014/15 Top 10 FPL list is

If you had been a regular visitor to one of the most well-known FPL blogs a few years back, you probably remember that almost all discussion forum topics led back to one person; the go-to guru called upon to provide options that nobody had thought of and to reinforce guesses and assumptions made by even the most dedicated managers who sought his help. His profile pic was that of a monkey; and every time I had something important to find out that monkey is what I would look for.

His name, aptly enough, is In Tommy We Trust, and oh boy do we. He has his own site now, and you should prepare yourself for big things. I could write pages upon pages of specific details regarding how his knowledge and generosity has helped me, but one stands out. Last season, the DAY AFTER the entire EPL fixture list had been released, Tommy had a comprehensive spreadsheet posted showing not only simple 2-man rotations, but 3 and even 5-man defensive rotations that could be used to save tons of cash on the attackers we all wanted the most. To this day I envision him poring over the details for hours on end, meticulously crafting together the rotation secrets we all were thirsty for and then sharing them with us before the ink had dried on the newly distributed fixture list.

If you are a new FPL manager, do yourself a favour and access his Beginner's Guide today. It will simplify things for you and have you feeling like you know what you're doing in short order.

Here are some quotes from experienced FPLers....

I like all things fpl a lot because they do a lot of research on every aspect of the game starting from the player to their team, form fixtures , rotation possibilities , captaincy potential etc. thus their inputs are extremely reliable @sid22022

Really liking the spanking new AllthingsFPLcom. Great look, great forum and great articles  @HForrest85

Another excellent account has to be @AllthingsFPL I don't know how they do it but are forever putting out new and informative articles (do these guys even sleep). One has to just wonder about something regarding FPL and BOOM these okes have an article out on what was on your mind amazing. @vicksrama05

Site owner Tommy has spent an impressive amount of time and effort providing a direct message to readers and new FPL managers who may be finding their way to his site for the first time. For the sake of space an abbreviated version is found below. However, I also include a link so that you may read it in its entirety.

Mission Statement: 

All Things FPL is a Fantasy Football website designed to give the best tips, advice, guides, statistics and tools we can possibly manage. This is all driven by our motivation to give you the best opportunity to achieve your goals and quests when you embark on your fantasy football season.

Hi Fantasy Managers,

From all at we would like to take advantage of this opportunity to say hello. We are dedicated to the best fantasy game around; Fantasy Premier League (FPL) and devote ourselves to providing the best resources available to aid fantasy managers. We embrace the forthcoming season and are proud to announce we will be instituting major enhancements for our users. We believe that to put forth the best product possible we have to invest heavily in features for fantasy managers to exploit. This led us to agreeing a three year contract with the number one online sports statistics provider OPTA Sports to deliver Premier League statistics designed and presented with Fantasy Football in mind. Rest assured our final content and delivery method will not only be the best resource on the internet but also be the only fantasy football tailored Premier League statistics provider that offers this service for FREE for 2014. 

Our second objective for the site is to become the most comprehensive news resource around for fantasy managers. With this in mind we have significantly extended our gameweek publications schedule. This extended schedule has seen our gameweek publications grow to a confirmed 17 articles per standard gameweek, ranging from Gameweek Previews to Reviews, Player Differentials to Captaincy analysis or our Fantasy Football Watchlist to Club Fixture analysis. 

Our third objective is interaction. Interaction from the Fantasy Football community is crucial and opinions matter from every FPL player. To develop this users can access the comments boards on every article published as well as relaxing in our members lounge. To further increase this growing aspect of the site, the community can benefit from two members leagues, five head to head competition leagues and a cup knock-out competition. All combined a total grand prize pot of £2000 is available to the winners; the biggest fantasy premier league prize pot around.

The list of features accessible via our site is quite substantial and can be viewed by clicking this link that will take you to a comprehensive listing I put together specifically with you in mind.

Good luck for the season and your mini leagues, and we hope to see you very soon!

Tommy McMaster
In Tommy We Trust
Founder and Chief Editor

We're two weeks away from opening day and we all have a similar question: Who can I count on to be in the Starting XI on August 16? Well you won't have to look far because FPL Addicts is running a 20-part series as we speak, giving you predicted lineups of all 20 Premier League sides. This, by the way, is just a little extra credit side project to go along with the other 248 articles they have planned for the next week and a half or so;) I don't know how these guys do it but the ratio of their article publications to biting incidents involving a rabid Uruguayan is easily 300 to 1.

They're knowledgeable, they're voluminous, they're highly involved in the Twitter FPL community, and they are fun as hell. As I begin my 3rd season in FPL on Twitter, I look back on a period where I have followed the Addicts every step of the way, enjoying their knowledge and good-natured banter more and more each year. I just can't recommend them strongly enough. The more my email inbox fills up with notification after notification that another article has been published on their site, I can't help but smile, shake my head, and think "Holy crap, those crazy mofos are at it again." They are a permanent fixture in the FPL community, their enthusiasm for FPL knows no bounds, and they are top top gentlemen.

Here's what some of our friends on the Twitter boards had to say...

FPLaddicts are also one of my favorites, their articles helped me alot during last season especially the captaincy article and the news wrap @FPL_Player

@FPLAddicts are friendly & helpful guys who put out pretty good articles in regard to GW previews, Captaincy options, Differentials, Bandwagons etc and some other extras. @vicksrama05

FPL Addicts is  my most visted site; it offers a wider variety of articles about every important aspect of FPL, Prices, players, form, fixtures, among many other subjects are covered on a weekly basis helping managers like myself feel confident in my decisions. Forum sections help maintain a sense of community and give managers opportunity to reach out with their own opinions. At the end of the day this site helps me get what we all want; green arrows. - @BryanBoen

The Addicts themselves were kind enough to provide a direct quote to describe a little about what they're up to.  Check it out...

We created the site for two reasons. Not only were we glad to spread fpl to the wider community and help everyone out, we needed a forum to spill all our ideas into! It says it all in the title, we're fpladdicts and we like it that way. We're starting to build a fantastic community, with everyone willing to share ideas and help each other out.

Our goal is not only provide managers with some helpful tips But also give you something to do whilst at work! We pride ourselves on producing well written, quality articles, and there's plenty of them We'd love to have you on board. Also let the banter reign. That's what fpl is all about!

I could probably just leave the name of the site here and not type another word. FFScout has been the standard-bearer in FPL for as long as I've been around. The vast, sprawling site could be easy to get lost in, as if getting lost in volumes and volumes of FPL related content would be a problem.

They have a Members Area for paid subscription holders that kicks things up a notch, but in all honesty, the amount of free information is plenty and more than enough to get you by for your first season. In their highly active forum you will find answers to any question about FPL that you could possibly come up with and more still to questions you never even would have thought to ask. You will be hard pressed to find an FPL manager anywhere who doesn't know about this site or visit it pretty regularly; it's that good and that thorough.

FPL managers in the Twitter community enjoy it for the reasons cited below...

Yeah of course. Fantasy Football Scout for me. The format is clear & organised, the articles are the best around written by people who know their stuff and I really like the Watchlist & fixture ticker. Ticks every box for what an FPL manager would need.  @FPL_Guru

Of course. I mainly use fantasyfootballscout. Enjoy reading the articles on new signings etc. Feel it gives me the upper hand on my rivals. Without this site and the fpl community I would not be the Fantasy football manager I am today!   @ChrisDowd2013

Fantasy Football Scout has everything that a FPL manager needs, ranging from in depth player analysis to gameweek previews. A must visit for everyone!  @DieHardCFCFan

My favourite site will no doubt be FantasyFootballScout Amazing analysis & consistent article! A must read for me! Set piece list  @benjapoh  

FFScout covers the game from every angle, especially during pre-season, truly a must for every FPL manager @FPL_Player

Hmm, I think I will vote for FFScout, since their website is user friendly, and also I like the fact that they provide many useful information and stats in their articles, not based on gut feelings or instincts.  @marktony88

Sure, I really don't visit many. I kinda use a combo of friends/forums/articles/twitter Mainly read FFS as far as Fpl sites , hardly comment though.  (Anonymous)

I only have one favorite fantasyfootballscout. Although I do look at others sites, I don't need to. Everything is at FFS. @FFS_TheShadow

When i have the time to read i like to read the articles on the fantasy football scout because their articles give such great in depth information. @ChristianTurri

@fantasyfootballscout - - The main site for all news fantasy football news, reviews, injuries, suspensions and more. As a member i look at all the stats and the season ticker is one of the main reasons for visiting this site. The podcast is always a good listen! Massive site but plenty of lowly ranked "experts" on there. @markwatts

We're going to stop Part 2 here and ratchet things back up again in our third and final installment. You can access it HERE

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