Friday, 24 April 2015

#FlyBuy - DGW34

Right, listen in you 'orrible lot! It's a quickfire FlyBuy this week. Why? Well, because I KNOW you are not going to pay a blind bit of attention to what I have to say! How do I know this? Because it's a double gameweek, and you're too busy loading up on your Fabregas's and your Terry's and your Henderson's and your Skrtel's and even your Vardy's and your Cambiasso's. And I'm not tipping one of them. In fact, I'm not even going to select from the ranks of Chelsea, Liverpool or Leicester. Nope, I'm going for a player from the ranks of Hull City, who I think is going to stun the FPL world this week. If you want to know who, then best you read on...

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Chief's #FPL Team (Wildcard Special) - #DGW34

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- 10 Double Gameweek 34 players -

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That time of the season has once again arrived when I choose to play my all-season wildcard. Regular readers will know that I take great joy in activating it around this period, i.e. during a "Super" Double Gameweek when more than two teams place twice. Last season it happened in DGW31 and I recorded a personal best all-time GW score by chalking up 173; a Test Match Special! I doubt I will come close to that score in DGW34, but with the volcanic mix of a wildcard and a Double Gameweek, 100 should be the par score.  Some of the players in my "GOALS GALORE" squad seem routine, others may appear random to you. Here's a snapshot as to why I bought each of them:

Schmeichel (3.4% ow.) - I have bought him as a 'keeper' keeper for the remainder of the season.  After the DGW he has NEW, sou, sun, QPR which I believe is a decent run of games. The fact he has low ownership is a bonus. He won't keep 2 clean sheets in DGW34 (but could nick one v Burnley. Saves will be his forte and his presence allows me to free up funds.

Myhill (13.3% ow.) - I have no intention of starting him in any matches. The fact he is so cheap was a plus and one of the reasons why I bought him. His run of games is in stark contrast to Schmeichel's, which gives me piece of mind that I can use him as the perfect sub goalie.

Skrtel (8% ow.) - He scored 7 PL goals last season which is an amazing amount. I think he's due a goal or two more before the season ends. Liverpool could nick a CS v WBA and even if they don't, he will hopefully be lurking in the opponent's penalty box to score a bullet header. Post-DGW34 his fixtures aren't so bad either. Also check out his BPS and bonus scores!

Schlupp (1.7% ow.) - This fella has probably been one of the most under-rated defenders of the season. It's fair to say that he operates in a very unorthodox defensive position and has even scored 2 goals.  He's had 38 shots on goal this season - more than any other PL defender.  With Leicester scoring for fun of late, I think he will also chip in to boost his season's tally. I bought him less for his CS-potential and more for his attacking dynamism.

Ivanovic (30% ow.) - He's not "terrible" like his famous namesake; he's sensational.  For a defender to be worth almost £8m shows you his acclaim and richness of attacking attributes.  Of note, in the last 10 GWs, he has "out-attacked" JT on numerous stats.  Yes, he's expensive, but he's worth it.
FALSE no11

Koscielny (8% ow.) - Good run of games for the remainder of the season (incl. DGW37) and he too manages to develop a scoring touch from time-to-time.

Van Aanholt (3% ow.) - Sunderland have been poor this season, but this chap hasn't been. Sure, he could have kept more clean sheets, but his 5 assists and cheap value make him a FPL dream.  He's useful as a stock sub3 and also for DGW37.

Fabregas (33% ow.) - 17 assists in the PL is no laughing matter.  Cesc has been pivotal for Chelsea as they get ever closer to the 14/15 PL title. Without him things would have been different.  The fact Chelsea are two wins away from the title, the fact he is playing a DGW, the fact he is going to his ex at the Emirates makes him an absolute must have. So much so, that I canned John Terry just to get him in.  Cesc's short-term and long-term PL form makes him key.

Henderson (22% ow.) - I was reluctant to buy him. But with the sudden demise of Gerrard he has stepped up and become Liverpool's new leader. I favoured Coutinho if I'm honest as a DGW34 purchase, but "Hendo" costs a lot less and has shown good form of late - he makes sense, but if he flounders I will ditch him early.

Sterling (32.5% ow.) - If he was a professional boxer, I would call him Raheem "The Dream" Sterlinggggggg! He has been one of Liverpool's best performers this season. Sure his form has been iffy at times.  But he's also had a big void to fill upfront.  Let's hope he can boost his goal tally v WBA and Hull!  Good to have from now till the end of the season.

Cambiasso (1.8% ow.) - I'm amazed more people haven't bought him for DGW34. He has been a key spark in aiding Leicester's recent fight to avoid the drop. Don't be put off by his deep-lying defensive qualities. He can assist and score also.  With Leicester needing more goals, he will be a key player and could get a fantasy return or two during DGW34. Still, unconvinced? Just remember that amazing goal he scored for Argentina at the 2006 World Cup!

Hazard (45% ow.) - Hands down, he has been the true PL Player of the Year in my books.  A consistent performer from midfield who gets fantasy returns on a regular basis.  Even his away form has improved. He will be the default captain for many in DGW34 and rightly so.  as stated, Chelsea are 2 wins away from the title and he could make that a reality in less than a week's time.

Aguero (26% ow.) - He was doing so well in the first half of the season until he got injured. Since then he has never been quite the same and his absence may have cost City the title. 18 points in his last two games shows that he has still got it.  After all he has the best goals:minutes ratio in PL history. He would want to finish as the highest PL scorer - his season isn't over.

N'Doye (0.3% ow.) - Ok, so this transfer is a bit random and will be hard to justify. He started his Hull career with a bang - 3 goals in his first 5 appearances. Since then things haven't been the same - the opponents have become tougher and Hull played three of their last 4 PL games away.  They need to score to survive. He seems to be their only viable outlet. It would be a shock if he didn't score/assist at least once in their next 2 games. His low ownership and potential makes him a serious option.  Think Martin Petrov - DGW - 2011/12!

Kane (50.6% ow.) - I don't feel comfortable making 'Arry my sub1. The last time I did that (v Liverpool at Anfield) he scored. But I can't justify his selection in this DGW34 team. He's also going to be facing a tough So'ton team that has only conceded 10 goals in 17 PL games at home this season. If I didn't have a WC to buy all these charming DGW players I would have started him. Knowing my luck he will score, darn it. Oh well!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Togga's Perfect XI Weekly Mobile Game

In a massive divergence from my recent missives on red card, midfielders playing out of position and reserve goalkeepers - I'm writing today about Togga's Perfect XI. This week the Perfect XI - the best 4-4-2 based on the advance statistics scored in Togga's weekly game - was a remarkable collection of standout players from unglamorous sides battling relegation, standout players finally coming good and Tom Heaton.

Heaton posted a phenomenal stat line in the Clarets' disappointing loss to Everton. He conceded a single goal, but not before he saved Ross Barkley's penalty attempt. He collected seven saves in total and even sent one long ball through for a chance created. His 25 points were level-fourth for most of any player in GW33 and bested every single forward.

Speaking of the forwards - ahead of kickoff, few would have predicted the dynamic duo of Jamie Vardy and Arouna Kone posting the weekends highest point totals for forwards. Just nipping Sergio Aguero (18 points), the Toffees forward created four chances including an assist and posted a respectable 21 points.

Of course, there's one in every crowd and in gameweek 33 it was Adam Wilkinson who selected not only Jamie Vardy - the Foxes forward cum midfielder - who led all forwards this weekend with 24 points, but also Leighton Baines. Baines 31 points were the best of the weekend and, truthfully, could have been significantly higher if he were back on spot-kick duties. For his troubles and as a testament to his vision, Mr. Wilkinson's top score for the weekend wins him a kit courtesy of

To play Perfect XI from anywhere, download the App, available here.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Harry Kane's FPL Team

Amazingly all of Harry Kane's FPL players are available for selection in truncated Gameweek 33, with the exception of Dummett. Unlike many other FPL managers Kane didn't have to take any transfer hits - he didn't make any transfers.  I suspect he is looking to retain the free transfer and use it to full effect in Double Gameweek 34.  He never captains himself in FPL, even though he has been given the armband in real life for Spurs's last 2 PL games. I am reassured by the fact that he has also captained Aguero. Let's hope Mr Kane also bags some big FPL points!