Thursday, 21 August 2014

#FlyBuy - GW2

The first FlyBuy pick of the season didn't really pay off in the way I had envisioned. I guess it is always dangerous opting for a defender to pick up FPL points when it only takes one concentration lapse from within the team to concede a goal and wipe out all of that individuals good work.

And to be fair, Calum Chambers was good in GW1. Unfortunately Arsenal did let a goal in and young Mr Chambers picked up a yellow card. 1 point. Hardly the best of starts, but I guess that also applied to my entire FPL team, who collectively picked up a disappointing 56 points total. Hmm.

It is no consolation, but I believe I'm right in saying that Chambers has "won" the Arsenal fans vote for Man of the Match in each of the last 3 games (Manchester City in the Community Shield, Crystal Palace in the League and Besitkas in the UCL). Somebody can put me straight if that is not the case I'm sure.

For GW2, I am reverting to more familiar territory in that I am not going to pick a defender, and instead look further up the pitch. Despite some solid performances from the usual suspects, plus some unexpected early season form shown by those lesser known players, there was one guy above all others who caught my eye. I had him in mind for FlyBuy a few days ago, but having glanced at his fixtures they read like an accident waiting to happen. Arsenal followed by Chelsea. Granted, both games are at home, but even so...

I am referring to Everton of course, and in particular a player that tends to slip under a lot of peoples radars, mainly due to his injury record I would assume. However, his wing play in GW1, and in particular the sixth sense understanding he appears to have with Leighton Baines, really piqued my interest. He picked up an assist plus one bonus point which still doesn't appear to have made anyone notice. I certainly haven't heard of anyone rushing to transfer him in. Over 10,000 managers have though, and they could possibly be onto something.

The player in question is none other than Steven Pienaar. As I said, a disappointing season last year should not detract from the fact that in seasons past, he has a more than decent combined goalscoring and assist record. The fixtures are not kind, but under Roberto Martinez's playing style, Baines and Pienaar will be bombing up that left side and trying to get in behind the defence, no matter who the opposition. With Naismith and Lukaku lurking in the box, the competition could be on between Baines and Pienaar for who can rack up the most assists.

Currently costing £6m (which again, will put many off) he is a delicious differential with an ownership percentage  of just 1.2%

Let me know either in the comments below, or on Twitter (@Meet_the_Gadfly) if you're going to bring him in...