Friday, 1 November 2013

#CalledIt Differential Pick - GW10

To put it out in the open, I have never been a big fan of Fernando Torres. Maybe it’s because at the beginning of his career it seemed all too easy for him. He was scoring goals for fun, having a great time doing it and he was (and still is) a babe magnet. Could you call it resentment? Perhaps. People are funny this way.

But in the last couple of years (the struggling ones) I have found myself actually rooting for the guy. Maybe it's because I would like to believe that even players who have been written off and forgotten, can have that one last great game, one last great season, to go out with a bang. You know, the BIG season that a movie could be made out of. Just like I hoped that Michael Jordan’s second comeback would see him carry the underdog team all the way to at least the Conference Finals at the age of 40. But we all know how that ended…

Anyway, I doubt that Torres "IS BACK". I doubt that he will again be the "old Torres". But darn me, he looks pretty hungry out there these days, scratching and clawing. And this is what I really like. So, despite Mourinho's knack for rotating, and despite vowing that I will not pick any Chelsea, I am doing it anyway - my #CalledIt for GW10 is Fernando Torres. May #FPL gods have mercy on my soul.

As a bonus, I am bringing you the 0,2% owned, 4.9m worth Yannick Sagbo from Hull. He is expected to start against Sunderland and has shown that he can score. Want to free some funds for Ag├╝ero for instance? He is your man. 

Last, but not least, are the only two of my former picks that did not deliver - Sessegnon and Bony. Still owned by less than 5% this could be their week to shine. 

Until next week. 

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