Friday, 8 November 2013

GW11 FPL #JackInTheBox

Party Time!!

Instead of posting a Jack In The Box article this week, I have decided to replace it with a week's worth of celebration and non-stop bragging over last week's successful pick on the maiden voyage of Walt's Jack In The Box ;)  Nah, only kidding, but after the start to the season I've had, last week's selection has certainly been the highlight of my season to date.  I will long remember sitting at lunch with my family, including my Mom, who was visiting from out of town, and feeling my phone start vibrating like crazy as my Twitter friends were spreading the happy news that Caulker scored.  Along with my phone, I was literally buzzing.  Thanks for the tweets!

Ok, on to this week....  the bottom 5 have a pretty difficult run of fixtures this time around, with Palace at home to Everton (not going near it), Sunderland at home to City (hahaha, right!), and Fulham away to Liverpool (no thanks).  So it's gotta be between Stoke, who will be visiting the Liberty Stadium, and Norwich, who will be at home hosting West Ham.  I feel as if I've picked on Swansea enough after last week and don't want to rub it in, so I'm gonna go with the Norwich-West Ham game.  No easy task, given Norwich's shyness in front of goal this year and West Ham's solid away form.  But I gotta go with one of the fixtures and I'm sticking with the home side again.  Plus, I still believe Norwich are under-performing and could start to improve soon.

So, Norwich at home, but who then?  Well Snodgrass of course, but NO, he's owned by more than 3%!  The other options among the squad are many, and I've had a good look around.  Sporting Norwich's highest EA Sports PPI numbers for the season, along with being their top scorer this season, the nod goes to Jonathan Howson.  Some of you may recall the stunner he put past Asmir Begovic during gw6 or the other goal he scored in gw8 vs league leaders Arsenal....if Norwich are going to get on the board and their forwards continue to struggle, it could very well be Howson to the rescue yet again.  And with the next two upcoming fixtures being Newcastle away and Crystal Palace at home, he could provide returns for the short-term future as well.

Walt's GW11 FPL Jack In The Box Pick:

Jonathan Howson (Norwich)

Good luck to you, Mr. Howson.  May you sleep well tonight, maintain proper hydration, and make me look like a genius tomorrow (Matej too; as he thinks you're a good shout as well).

I cannot let the week finish without a HUGE thanks to one of my new favorite EPL players, Mr. Steven Caulker.  Mr. Caulker, you have managed to do what prior to last week no one, including myself, has been able to do this FPL season. You actually made it appear as if I have a faint idea of what I'm talking about!  Well done to you, sir. You are a magician and I am forever in your debt;)

Good luck in GW11 everyone.... I will see you shortly thereafter with this week's Wrap Up!


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